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MMA Training Pads

Nothing beats hitting the pads with a good trainer.  You can work your offence, defense, timing, and footwork, all while getting real-time advice.  Even though they may not be strapping the headgear on and sparring every day, trainers need protection, too!  Ask anyone who has held pads for a serious Muay Thai artist; it can be an extremely rigorous task which can be made even more difficult with poorly-made training pads.  Factor in the fact that most trainers will work several different sessions in one day, and you will see the importance of quality training pads.  Even if you’re doing cardio kickboxing to stay in shape and have no intentions of fighting, it’s always a good idea to have your own training pads.  Many gyms have second-rate pads that have seen a few too many combos in their lives.  Own your own pads, and you’ll never have to worry about getting stuck with that one pair of Thai pads that smells like cheese and oozes goo when kicked.  Gone are the days of poor fitting, downright scuzzy pads that vomit their stuffing at the first hint of a hard roundhouse.  The popularity of MMA has meant big changes in the way of equipment available to trainers. Training pads used to be manufactured by only a few select companies but are now made by many companies from all over the world. At MMA Industries we sell only the top brands in MMA and Muay Thai training pads and equipment.  From focus mitts, to belly pads, to kick shields, to Thai pads, and even thigh shields, MMA Industries has every conceivable training pad you will need for your journey to the top of the fight world food chain, and you know that when you buy your training pads from us, you’re getting only top quality products.