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MMA Shin Guards

Having the right shin guard protection during training is important to protecting not only you but also your training partner during intense sparring.  Wearing a set of high-quality shin guards while training allows you to work your Muay Thai and MMA combos with authority; go ahead, kick your sparring partner!  As with most combat sports equipment, there are different types of protection for different applications.  Shin guards made specifically for Muay Thai offer dense, robust protection to the shins and insteps.  MMA shin guards are generally a little more form-fitting, often with slip-on style sleeves to hold the pads in place during intense scrambles.  Choose from one of our huge selection of top-quality Muay Thai and MMA shin guards and throw/check kicks with confidence.  A good pair of shin guards can also help you condition your shins for competition.  We all want to kick banana trees down Buakaw-style, but if you try it without properly conditioning your shins first, you’re in for a world of pain.  Shin to shin contact hurts.  Badly.  Especially with unconditioned shins.  Good shin guards allow you to work up to the point where you can kick and check kicks in competition without shin protection.  Beyond shin protection, shin guards also protect the tiny, fragile bones of the foot.  The stout instep protection that our shin guards provide can be the difference between a successful sparring session and an expensive trip to the hospital for a broken foot.  Additionally, many amateur Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA organizations require that competitors wear proper shin protection.  Don’t show up to your fight unprepared, take a look at our wide selection of shin guards and choose with confidence.  MMA Industries offers every type of shin guard you will need for your journey to the top!