MMA Mouth Guards

There is absolutely nothing cool about losing teeth.  Your girlfriend or boyfriend MIGHT let you get away with cauliflower ear, but chipped up, missing teeth?  Not a chance.  Regardless of whether you’re grappling, striking, or both, you will need a mouth guard…yes, even if you’re “just” grappling.  An accidental headbutt or misplaced knee while rolling can permanently ruin your smile.  Heavy shoulder pressure while trapped in half guard or side control can force your teeth into your gums and cheeks, causing nasty lacerations.  Listen, if basketball players wear them because they occasionally collide, you do too.  The dangers of sparring in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA without proper mouth protection are obvious—there’s a reason it’s called “eating a punch.” Keep those pearly whites in your face where they belong and pick up a mouth guard from MMA Industries!  Mouth guards do more than just keep your smile pretty.  A high quality mouth guard will actually lessen the chance of concussion and damage to the jaw bone by stabilizing the jaw.  We can’t stress enough the importance of a high quality mouth guard.  We have high quality “boil and bite” style mouthpieces that allow you to custom fit your mouth guard at home.  For the ultimate in protection and comfort, however, we recommend our custom fit mouth guards.  They offer the best protection, as they are molded, by professionals, to your mouth.  In addition to protection, they are also the most comfortable.  Whether you want a boil and bite or a custom-molded piece, what you DON’T want to do is go to your local sports store and pick up something off the shelf, because there are some truly atrocious mouth guards out there that offer little to no real protection from impact.  Shop here at MMA Industries, because we only stock mouth guards that we would use ourselves.