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Mixed Martial Arts Knee Pads

We’ve all been there.  Maybe you’re passing the guard and you lose your focus for one moment.  Your opponent laces his or her legs and locks on a heel hook and pops your knee.  Or maybe you’re hitting the Thai pads and you pivot awkwardly on your leg.  Regardless of how it happens, the outcome is the same; you’ve injured your knee.  The knee is one of the most vulnerable points in an athlete’s body.  It is a complex joint that bears much of the weight of the body with relatively little support when compared to the hip or the shoulder.  The constant lateral movement and pivoting in Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing places a tremendous amount of force on the knee joints.  When one adds in the various heel hook and kneebar submissions that attack the knee in BJJ and submission grappling, it is no small wonder that many combat athletes have experienced some sort of knee injury!  At MMA Industries, we have done the research and amassed a wide selection of top-quality knee pads and braces.  Choose the level of protection you need.  Are you looking to minimize the impact on your knees from shooting single and double legs?  Grab a set of knee pads.  Are you recovering from a prior injury or surgery and need some additional lateral support?  Take a look at our braces and choose depending on how much support you need.  Our selection spans from light, thin sleeve-style pads to full-on braces with hinged bilateral support structures.  We’ve done our homework here at MMA Industries so you can focus on what is most important…training!