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What do Anderson Silva, Georges St. Pierre, and Rickson Gracie have in common?  Besides being badasses, they all train in the gi.  A question we hear often is “I want to fight MMA, why should I put a gi on?”  Training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the gi will force you to slow your game down and focus on the techniques and concepts of grappling.  If your adrenalin dumps and you find yourself exhausted in the first round of your fight, you’ll be thankful that you trained in the gi and you have a wealth of technical expertise to fall back on.  Also, the resistance of training in the gi will make you physically stronger.  Ever shake hands with a long-term Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Judo practitioner?  You can’t train that kind of grip strength.  Besides all of that mumbo-jumbo, it’s fun!  The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi is a heavy-duty piece of clothing built to endure the rigors of intense grappling sessions.  It’s like your suit of armor when you set foot on the mats.  Your old karate gi won’t cut it here.  We recommend owning a minimum of two gis, more if you train 3+ days a week (which you should!).  It’s no fun putting on a wet gi because it didn’t have enough time to dry after being washed.  Also, rotating between several gis will ensure that each stays in better condition for longer.  If you buy a quality gi from a reputable company, you will absolutely not regret it.  Here at MMA Industries, we have a comprehensive collection of high-quality gis for men, women, and children from companies such as Keiko Raca, Hayabusa, and Vulkan.  From lightweight summer weave gis, to heavyweight, dense-collared competition gis, we have put in the time on the mat to pick the best gis on the market to make your choice a little easier.