MMA Headgear

Sparring in Muay Thai, MMA and Boxing requires head protection.  Beyond any other piece of protective equipment, headgear is the most important for your long-term health and well-being.  Skimp here and risk serious brain trauma.  Feeling like you're well protected during sparring is a key factor in maintaining proper focus and ensuring you're training to the best of your ability.  Poor-quality headgear will fit poorly and shift around as you bob, weave, and take blows, requiring constant adjustments mid-round.  Often, the wearer ends up fighting the headgear just as much as his or her sparring partner.  This has led to individuals actually taking their headgear off, choosing to risk serious head injury over the discomfort of wearing inferior-quality protection.  Avoid the pitfalls of cheaply constructed headgear by shopping with MMA Industries.  Choose from our section of high-quality headgear and rest assured that you are buying the best.  Like all combat sports equipment, there are different options for different situations.  At MMA Industries we carry a diverse selection of headgear allowing you to choose which one is right for you based on how much of you face and head you want to protect.  Head protection goes beyond the striking arts.  For wrestlers, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners, and submission grapplers, we have chosen the highest-quality headgear to protect your ears from the dreaded aural hematoma, AKA “cauliflower ear.”  You may think it looks cool, but your girlfriend/boyfriend probably doesn’t.  You may not need wrestling headgear all the time, but trust us; proper treatment for cauliflower ear is no fun.  If having your ears drained with a large gauge needle and having a button sewed onto your ear to keep it from refilling with fluid doesn’t sound like your idea of a good time, grab a set of headgear.  Protect your brain and stay pretty, shop for all of your combat sports headgear needs here and MMA Industries!