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MMA Handwraps

So, you’ve got your shiny, brand new leather gloves with breathable liners and laboratory-developed, impact-attenuating foam; you’re all set to go to work in the gym, right?  Wrong!  Often forgotten, quality handwraps are a tremendously important piece of equipment, one that you should never be without.   Handwraps help protect the bones and tendons in your hands while providing support for both the wrist and thumb during impact.  Striking the heavy bag and focus mitts without handwraps can severely damage the delicate bones and connective tissues of the hand and sprain the wrist, leading to lingering injuries and chronic pain.  We carry 180 inch handwraps from the top MMA and Muay Thai equipment manufacturers in the world.  A question we often hear is “why do I need fifteen feet of wraps per hand?”  Well, in order to properly support your hands and wrists, 180 inches is necessary.  Any shorter, and you will sacrifice protection either of the hands or of the wrists.  A few quality sets of handwraps can save you trips to the hospital and missed training sessions due to injury.  The first time you uncork a lead hook with an improperly-aligned wrist into a heavy bag and you don’t feel that familiar shooting pain of a sprain, you’ll thank us!