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MMA Gym Bags

So you’re all set to head to the gym for a heavy duty training session.  You’ve got your gi for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, you’ve got your shorts and rashguard for some no-gi grappling, and you’ve got your gloves, shin pads, and headgear for Muay Thai sparring.  Now that you’ve got all your stuff together, how are you actually going to get it to the gym?!  Fighting gear takes up a lot of room, and it can be heavy.  A regular duffle bag or backpack will only last a few trips before it starts to smell like a landfill or falls apart altogether.  Gone are the days of stuffing all of your gear into your old backpack, praying to the fight gods that the seams hold.  Gym bags are a different breed than your average duffle or backpack.  Reinforced seams, heavy-duty zippers, and ventilated sections are just a few of the differences.  At MMA Industries, we have a great selection of premium gym bags from the best manufacturers in fight sports equipment.  Have an old gym bag that has seen better days?  Take a look at some of our modern, high-tech gear bags.  Some boast features such as separate compartments for clean and dirty clothes, insulated beverage compartments, mesh compartments to let your damp gear dry out, even hybrid designs that convert from back pack to duffle style bags.  From simple backpacks meant to hold your gi and a bottle of water, to elaborate all-in-one systems that can hold all of your grappling and striking gear, we have it all!  Trust us, a high-quality gear bag will have you training more often, as there is nothing more frustrating than a bag with busted zippers and ripped seams.  Since we’re all combat athletes here at MMA Industries, you can shop with confidence knowing that we’ve tried all of the gear that we sell, and we can vouch for its quality.