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Groin Protection For MMA Fighters

Athletic supporter, jock strap, cup, whatever you want to call it, you know you need it.  It has left grown men crying like toddlers, and professional fighters vomiting, writhing on the canvas in agony.  The dreaded low blow is one of the most excruciating aspects in all of combat sports.  It is an unfortunate reality of all contact sports; at some point, you’re going to take a shot to the groin.  How badly it hurts depends on whether you have a high-quality groin protection system in place or not.  There is not a groin protector in the world that can guarantee 100% protection, but you can help to mitigate the damage by using a well-made cup and supporter.  A quality cup can mean the difference between staying in the fight and being forced out due to injury.  If you’ve ever used an inferior, poor-fitting pair of compression shorts or supporter, you can attest to the distraction it causes.  Add in a training partner or opponent that is doing his or her best to punch, kick, throw, and submit you, and you can see the importance of well-fitting, high-quality groin protection.  You have enough to worry about; you shouldn’t have to constantly adjust your groin protection.  At MMA Industries, we offer many different types of groin protection, from compression shorts, to athletic supporters, to Muay Thai-style steel cups (If you’ve ever seen a low blow in the UFC, you know how much Joe Rogan loves these), to full length compression pants, if you’re into that sort of thing.  We even stock traditional boxing foul protectors that protect not only the groin, but the kidneys as well.  We here at MMA Industries use the items we stock, so we can tell you firsthand that they are top-quality, well-made products.  Keep everything tucked away and out of danger, your future children will thank you.