Bag Gloves

Bag gloves:

Boxing and Muay Thai Style Bag Gloves are meant for work on both the focus mitts and heavy bags. Proper hand protection is essential for bag gloves because of the risk of injury. Therefore, make sure you go with a quality manufacturer for your bag gloves so as to avoid potentially serious harm to either your hand or wrist.  Going hard on the heavy bag in a pair of MMA gloves is a surefire way to land yourself in the hospital with a broken metacarpal or three.  In addition to this, heavy bags and mitts can do a number on your sweet training gloves.  Don’t destroy your sparring gloves on the bag; your sparring partners will hate you for blasting them with tired, ragged gloves.  It is far better to spread the mileage on your gloves across several sets because each pair will last longer.  This is where a quality set of bag gloves comes into its own.  Bag gloves are only padded to protect the wearer, so you absolutely do NOT want to spar with them!  They are often lighter than sparring gloves, which allows you to put more work in on the bag and on the pads.  Slug away on the heavy bag, Thai pads, and focus mitts with a pair of bag gloves and know that you are using the proper piece of gear for the job.  Check out our selection of top-quality bag gloves; we use them day in, day out in the gym, and they are what you want to be wearing when you find yourself in front of a Thai bag.