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Elbow Pads For MMA

Whether you're dropping elbows on your sparring partner or trying to prevent injury when wrestling up against the cage, we have the elbow pads you need from the top MMA and Muay Thai equipment manufacturers in the world.  Elbow strikes are an integral part of the Muay Thai arsenal due to the vicious, cutting damage they inflict.  If you want to implement them into your game plan and train to defend against them, you have to use them in training.  This is where our high-quality elbow pads come into play.  You can’t expect to properly use and defend against any technique without using it in training!  Muay Thai is the science of eight limbs; make sure you’re working all eight!  In addition to this, most amateur Muay Thai competitions will require that you wear elbow protection, so if you plan on competing, stop by MMA Industries and grab a set of competition-proven elbow pads.

Elbow injuries are a common affliction in all combat sports.  From tendonitis due to overuse to a hyperextension injury from a tight armlock, most combat athletes will experience some sort of elbow discomfort.  In addition to our Muay Thai elbow pads, we also offer a selection of elbow guards that protect the wearer from these injuries.  These form-fitting, ergonomically designed elbow guards provide support where you need it most.  Wrestle with the confidence that your elbows are well-protected.  Already tweaked your elbow?  Slap one of these guards on and lesson the likelihood of further injury while promoting faster healing.  

Whether you’re protecting your sparring partners from your hellbows of doom or you’re nursing a popped elbow, MMA Industries has what you need to get you on the mat and training to your fullest potential!