MMA Rash guards:

The rash guard began as a guard against abrasions while surfing, though combat sports athletes were quick to adapt it as the upper body garment of choice for training in boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and mixed martial arts.  Rash guards are vastly superior to regular t-shirts for training.  They offer protection from the dreaded mat burn, and they wick sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and relatively dry.  Their compression fit ensures that they stay tight to your body and out of the way. Some rash guards even boast anti-microbial properties to keep you scuzz-free (though that shouldn’t be a problem if you take a gander at our selection of preventative care items).  For no-gi submission grappling, the rash guard is necessary.  Regular t-shirts get in the way while rolling, and they just feel gross when they get drenched in sweat.  Nobody likes training with someone wearing a t-shirt, it’s nasty…don’t be the guy or girl rolling in a t-shirt.  Rash guards also make an excellent base layer to wear under your BJJ gi.  Stop wearing ratty, smelly old shirts on the mat and pick out some rash guards from our huge selection.  At MMA Industries, we have long and short sleeve rash guards from all of the top manufacturers, such as Hayabusa, Keiko Raca, and NoGi Industries.  If you don’t like your rash guards tight, we offer some loose-fit varieties.  Also, if you compete in IBJJF tournaments, you’re going to want to take a look at our selection of IBJJF-approved rash guards.  They display your belt rank with colored sleeves.  Just like gi’s and fight shorts, it is important to have several rash guards in your fight sports wardrobe, as they will last longer if you rotate them frequently.  We’ve got the best selection of top quality, competition-proven rash guards here at MMA Industries,