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Muay Thai Shorts:

MMA Industries brings you a huge selection of traditional Muay Thai shorts so you can feel like you’re kneeing faces in Lumpinee Stadium even when you’re just hitting the bag at the gym.  Muay Thai shorts are beautiful works of functional art that are cut higher than the standard MMA board shorts to allow for a full, unencumbered range of motion when throwing kicks.  You’ll notice this the first time you throw a shin into someone’s teeth.  On top of that, they’re just plain comfortable.  Light and airy, you’ll wonder how or why you’ve trained in anything else once you put a pair of Muay Thai shorts on.  The varied colors and designs allow you to express your inner Thai boxer; be as flashy or as subdued as you want!  These shorts capture the spirit of Thailand with their brilliant colors and textures…. at least one MMA Industries staffer has gone on an extended sojourn to Thailand, and he will attest to this.  We stock Muay Thai shorts from all of the major Thai gear manufacturers including Fairtex, Boon, and Raja Boxing.  Get your Muay Thai shorts from MMA Industries and knee faces in style!