Ahh yes, the beloved sweat shirt.  Here at MMA Industries, we love our hoodies.  No other garment offers the combination of warmth, comfort, and style that a quality, well-worn hoody does, just ask Adam Sandler.  Just because it’s getting a little chilly outside doesn’t mean you can’t show the world that you’ve chosen the path of the warrior.  Take a look at our selection of quality sweatshirts and hoodies from top Muay Thai and MMA manufacturers.  Besides being a comfortable way to beat the elements and show your style, the sweatshirt can also be a valuable training tool.  Wearing one while you’re warming up allows you to break that first sweat quicker, and it keeps your muscles warmer, reducing the chance of injury.  Wear a hoody on that long walk to the cage or the ring and keep your warm up sweat going.  The sweatshirt can also be a weight-cutting tool.  We’ve all seen Vision Quest; sometimes you just gotta wear a sauna suit under a hoody to cut weight.  Shop for your sweatshirts at MMA Industries and proudly proclaim your dedication to the fight sports to the world!