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Perhaps one of the most under-appreciated apparel items in all of combat sports, the lowly pair of sandals (or flip flops) is a necessity for all athletes.  First off, they keep the scuzz off of your feet.  Showering barefoot at the gym is basically rolling out the red carpet for tinea pedis, aka Athlete’s foot.  Seriously, if you ever wanted to know what all the hubbub is about Athlete’s Foot, and why there is a billion dollar industry that revolves around medicating it, just go to your gym and shower barefoot.  It’s all but guaranteed that you’ll have agonizingly itchy, burning toes within the week.  Nip this in the bud and just buy a pair of sandals, they’ll pay for themselves the first time you don’t have to buy a tube of over the counter foot fungus cream.  Sandals are also a great way to ensure that you’re only barefoot on the mats.  You can wear your sandals while you’re walking around at your gym, which helps to keep the mats clean and free from dirt, grime, and skin infections.  In addition to these reasons, sandals and flip flops are pretty much the best ever when the warm weather rolls around.  What’s better than feeling the breeze through your toe hair on a beautiful summer day?  Any way you slice it, you should have a pair of sandals or flip flops, and they might as well be a sweet pair from Hayabusa, right?  Don’t let your girlfriend pick your sandals out for you from the local boutique, get yours here at MMA Industries.