MMA Shorts

MMA shorts:

 MMA shorts are the only clothing you’ll be wearing when you step in the cage, so you might as well look your best.  Generally, MMA shorts are stitched together more “soundly” than regular board shorts to withstand the tremendous forces at play in a fight or a grappling match.  Also, they usually don’t have external pockets, which can snare fingers and toes, injuring your training partners.  They also feature redundant closure systems—usually some combination of hook and loop and drawstrings—to keep your shorts on where they belong.  In other words; just any old pair of shorts won’t cut it for safe, long-term usage on the mats and in the cage.  MMA shorts have come a long way in recent years.  Innovations in multi-directional stretch fabrics, fool-proof closure systems, strategically placed grip fabrics, and anti-microbial technologies are just a few of the recent technological breakthroughs that make today’s fight shorts superior to the shorts of yore.  Here at MMA Industries, we have the loose-fit “board shorts” style fight shorts as well the snug, compression-fit Vale Tudo shorts, so pick the style you prefer and rock it with pride!  Just like gi’s and rash guards, it’s a good idea to have several pairs of MMA shorts to rotate.  This way, while one pair is drying, you don’t have to wear that lame bathing suit to the gym, or worse, sit out and miss training altogether.  Also, rotating several pairs will ensure that each lasts longer.  Take a look at our huge selection of MMA fight shorts from today’s premier apparel manufacturers.  Companies like Hayabusa, Sprawl, Jaco and many others are all pushing the envelope to make sure you have the best, most reliable and comfortable shorts for the gym and for fight night, and we have them all in stock and ready to ship!