Windy Shorts

Don’t be the guy (or girl!) who shows up to train in some lame pair of mesh shorts. Nobody likes that guy (or girl!), and everyone talks about them behind their backs about how much they suck and how bad they smell. Ok, we may have made that last part up, but seriously… you’re putting the work in at the gym, shouldn’t you wear the proper attire? Muay Thai shorts are beautiful works of functional art that are cut higher than the standard MMA board shorts to allow for a full, unencumbered range of motion when throwing kicks. You’ll notice this the first time you throw a shin into someone’s teeth. On top of that, they’re just plain comfortable. Light and airy, you’ll wonder how or why you’ve trained in anything else once you put a pair of Muay Thai shorts on. The varied colors and designs allow you to express your inner Thai boxer; be as flashy or as subdued as you want! Windy, having been established in 1951, is practically synonymous with Muay Thai. Their legacy is woven into the very fabric of the sport’s history. Their shorts are as beautifully colorful as Thailand itself. Indeed, these shorts, with their spectacular hues and textures, seem to reflect the very spirit of Thailand… at least one MMA Industries staffer has gone on an extended sojourn to Thailand, and he will attest to this. Windy’s reputation speaks for itself. You can rest assured that these shorts will last you through many grueling training sessions and fights. Muay Thai is a beautifully efficient, no compromise combat sport, and the attire worn in the ring reflects this. MMA Industries stocks many Windy shorts that you simply can’t get anywhere unless you go right to Thailand yourself, so take advantage of our selection and step your shorts game up.