Twins Shirts

There are few greater pleasures in life than pulling on a fresh t-shirt. T-shirts are our daily method of self-expression that allow us to show the world what kind of person we are. Maybe your job requires a shirt and tie. All week, day in, day out, you’re forced to wear the universal uniform of conformation. You struggle to somehow express your individuality by cleverly matching shirt and tie combinations, but all you’re really doing is falling deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of professional ambiguity. Come the end of the workday or the end of the workweek, you’re about to tear your own skin off just to wear something different. If you’re a Muay Thai practitioner or mixed martial artist, you’ve gotta do yourself a favor and check out the t-shirts designed by Twins Special. Twins offers many designs, each of which allows you to express some of that fierce individuality that pushes you walk through those doors every day and train your body and mind to the limit. What we like about the t-shirts that Twins produces is the range in designs. Their aesthetics run from the traditional, minimalist with a simple “Twins Special” logo on the chest, to the beautifully artistic, complete with two Muay Thai fighters silhouetted against a backdrop of contrasted color. If you are serious about your Muay Thai training, or even if you’re just a huge fan, you owe it to yourself to check out these T’s. Assembled in Thailand from 100% cotton, you’re getting the real thing straight from the source. Thanks to our relationship with Twins, we here at MMA Industries can offer you the latest designs right from Thailand, designs that can be difficult to find outside of the shop in Lumpinee Stadium itself. Get your Twins t-shirts from MMA Industries and express yourself!