Cleto Gloves

The whole Cleto Reyes dynasty began with Cleto Reyes Castro’s own work on gloves. He fought his first and only match at the age of eighteen in 1938. Although the fight was a huge success, he decided the violence was no longer for him…the story could have ended here, like it has for so many before and since then, but young Cleto Reyes saw an opportunity. The gloves he wore were dilapidated, and Cleto Reyes offered to fix them. Since the age of twelve, Cleto had been working in a saddlery that manufactured baseball equipment, so he already had experience as a leather worker. He used this experience to not only fix his beat up old gloves, but to begin making his own gloves that eventually got approved by the local boxing commission, and the rest is, well, history! The result of these humble beginnings are what you see here; some of the most well-built, comfortable, and downright tough boxing gloves you’ll find anywhere. There’s a reason (many reasons, actually) why Manny Pacquiao, Juan Manuel Marquez, Kelly Pavlik, Marcos Maidana, Amir Khan, and many, many others have chosen to use Cleto Reyes gloves; they work damn well and they hold up to constant abuse. From bag gloves, to extra padded sparring gloves, to the most worn fight gloves in professional championship fights; Cleto Reyes has exactly what you need. I mean, just look at that roster of fighters listed above… it barely even scratches the surface of world famous championship level boxers that have chosen to wear Cleto Reyes gloves into battle on some of the biggest stages in the pugilistic world. The combination of history, build quality, and competition-proven, world class durability places Cleto Reyes gloves in a very special category. To call them arguably the greatest boxing gloves in the world is in no way hyperbole. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some Cleto Reyes gloves from MMA Industries, you’ll wonder how you got by with anything less.