Twins Shorts

Muay Thai shorts are beautiful works of functional art that are cut higher than the standard MMA board shorts to allow for a full, unencumbered range of motion when throwing kicks. You’ll notice this the first time you throw a shin into someone’s teeth. On top of that, they’re just plain comfortable. Light and airy, you’ll wonder how or why you’ve trained in anything else once you pull on a pair of Muay Thai shorts. Twins Special has been making Muay Thai gear for over sixty years—they’re essentially woven into the history of the sport itself. They produce spectacular shorts that embody the bold, proud heritage of Muay Thai and Thailand itself. With a pair of Twins Muay Thai shorts on, you’ll feel like you’re trading leg kicks with Buakaw himself (not a wise thing to do, btw), even if you’re just hitting the Thai bag at the gym. The designs are as functionally durable as they are visually stunning. Who doesn’t want a Red Bull logo’d, blue pair of Thai shorts? We know we do. What makes it more awkward is when we all show up to the same training session with the same awesome Twins shorts on, but that’s a story for another time… In any case, if you’re a Muay Thai athlete, or if you want to rock Thai shorts in the cage, Alan Belcher-style, then take a good hard look at the shorts that Twins Special has to offer. Their designs are as unique as the person wearing them. The wide variety of flames, camo, and angry eyes all allow you to express your individuality in the gym, in the ring, and in the cage. Get your Twins shorts from MMA Industries, we offer a variety of designs that most retailers can only dream of.