RVCA is one of those rare companies that manage to embody the lifestyles of several, seemingly disparate sports and activities. RVCA (pronounced roo-kuh. Say it with me, “roo-kuh”) began as a surfing and skateboarding fashion/lifestyle brand under uber-cool dudes PM Tenore and Conan Hayes, but they have expanded their horizons into the realm of mixed martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and grappling. Somewhere in the liminal spaces between the Zen of paddling out to the next set, the crashing cacophony of urban skateboarding, and the technical violence of MMA sits RVCA, just chillin’ and giving out shakas like they’re going out of style. What this all means to you is that you will be just as at home rocking a RVCA shirt at the beach as you will be on your way to your next training session. A RVCA rashguard can perform double duty as a surf rashguard as well as a grappling rashguard without getting strange looks from your compatriots in either activity. That’s pretty cool. Elite fighters like “The Prodigy” BJ Penn and “The Phenom” Vitor Belfort can be seen surfing, training, fighting, and just hanging out in their RVCA gear, and who doesn’t want to be like BJ or Vitor? RVCA’s designs range from understated, classy styles to ornate works of art created by commissioned artists, reflecting their mantra of “The balance of opposites.” Think about it; you wear some flowery, traditionally “surfy” type gear to your fight, you’re gonna get some weird looks. Just the same, you wear some tough, “skulls and pitbulls” style gear to the surf, and you’re going to get the same reaction. Why not have both bases covered with some RVCA gear? Check out our selection and get your RVCA fix with us here at MMA Industries!