weighted vestsIn actual MMA contests, whether amateur or professional, the only MMA gear and MMA clothing allowed in the ring are fight gloves and shorts (as well as padded sports bras for women). Training is another matter however. MMA training equipment like weighted vests serves two primary purposes for novices: it furnishes extra protection for inexperienced fighters and the extra weight of such equipment helps in the development of muscular strength and endurance. This not only helps the MMA trainee become a faster, more powerful opponent, it also helps protect against common sports-related injuries such as torn muscles and ligaments.

MMA training equipment like weighted vests are a great way to maximize one's workout. These are short vests that do not extend much below the sternum, and use sand bags inserted into pockets in order to increase the weight. They can vary from twenty to seventy pounds or more, and can do wonders for one's upper body development as well as add intensity to the cardiovascular aspect of MMA training and workouts.

When considering the purchase of a protective vest, the same rules apply as when picking out protective MMA training gloves. It is important that you do not simply go for the best deal. Instead, finding quality equipment is extremely important because poorly crafted equipment will not offer much protection and could result in serious injury. A decent vest that offers good quality can be picked up for under $100 without skimping on safety value.

If you are going to order online, ask the manufacturer for a size chart or try to determine your size by visiting a local gym or athletic club where MMA training takes place. There is often some gear laying around that you can try on to get a feel for what size and fit might be good for you. Talk to the trainers there as well as the owner of the retail store you are ordering from for more information about what equipment will be right for your size, skill level and training regimen. You'll want to make sure you get gear that is comfortable and allows for the proper range of motion, depending on what training exercises you'll be performing. A poorly-fitting weighted vest is going to interfere with your workout and actually hurt your efforts.

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