The Fight That Matters: Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

reyes boxing glovesI've seen my share of boxing matches over the years, fought in a number too, and I'll admit, I'm a bit of a gear-head. Between the time I spent ten hours at the gym practicing on the bag, only to return with blistered knuckles because the practice gloves I was using weren't well padded and the time I got in the ring with a guy and ended up going nine rounds because my gloves were filled with soft foam for padding. I had to knock the guy out pillow-fight style, I decided it's not good to work against the gear. That is why I love Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

Cleto Reyes started out boxing, just like me, and while the ring was not his place, he discovered he had a knack for designing all kinds of boxing gear. He started a business in 1938, making gloves, and earned approval from his local boxing commission the same year. By 1945, his designs were on the hands of Ike Williams, the man fighting for the lightweight World Championship. Today, his company is the leading producer of quality boxing gear.

I am too old to get into the ring anymore, outside of training that is, but I still workout every day and the only gear in my bag is Cleto Reyes. I have a pair of professional fight gloves, several pairs of professional practice gloves, cheek protecting headgear, bag gloves and punch mitts. The way I see it, this product line is the best on the market, and I am not alone in saying that. Most of the professional boxing world suits up in Cleto Reyes gloves because the designs he imagined and oversaw work.

With professional fighting gloves, you are not going to get in the ring and realize you're trying to bring a guy down with feather pillows, and you're definitely not going to feel like your bare-hand boxing. These gloves have the perfect padding for the fight. They keep your fists lose, but do not take the power out of your grip. They keep your wrists from buckling and they are light enough that your arms don't fatigue from blocking punches.

Sure, I cannot say I won a fight just because I was wearing Reyes boxing gloves, and the other guy wasn't. You have to train for that, but I can say I have enjoyed boxing more because of this gear.

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