The Best In Muay Thai Pads

muay thai padsMuay Thai pads are your first defense against bruises and injury during training. Pads are also crucial especially if you are looking to deliver the best punches and kicks without the risk of injuring your opponent. You need to have the most durable pads in order to work out properly. Not all training pads are created the same. Pads of inferior quality tend to be soft and deform easily after a few uses. This is the reason why when it comes to workout pads, fighters are going to stick with a trusted name. MMA Industries carries the most durable equipment from trusted manufacturers around the world for Muay Thai and MMA training, lessening your risk for injury and giving you the most effective workout you can get.

Knee Pads

You cannot train and not expect injury without wearing kneepads. Designed for wrestling or Muay Thai sparring matches, where you put your knees to best use, these knee pads are designed to provide the best cushion against weight and pressure, and come with no-slip gripper pattern linings. Most of these pads also come with Lycra binding for ultimate comfort and no risk of chaffing. What fighters like most about these knee pads are the precurved and comfort flex designs which follow the natural contours of your knees, allowing you to execute the perfect kicks without any restrictions.

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads come with a contoured and form-fitting design to follow the natural shape of the elbows so there is lesser risk of dislodging the pads. What some fighters really like about the elbow pads are the hook and loop pull straps, which allows you to tighten the pads around your elbows for a custom fit. The high-density foam core is lightweight and yet provides a fighter's elbows with the right amount of protection from shock.

Training Pads

Training pads are designed for the use of coaches and personal trainers. Designed to withstand heavy-duty beatings, these pads range from curved small focus mitts, Thai pads, belly pads, and leg kick pads. These pads are made of dense foam but are lightweight at the same time to reduce training fatigue. Most training pads are made of extra thick US top grain cowhide for topnotch durability.

Aside from MMA and workout equipment, MMA Industries also offers MMA apparel such as T-shirts, rash guards, and shorts, as well as DVDs and even books. A fighter can usually get everything he needs for workouts right from our store with great prices to match, making getting outfitted a piece of cake. Our customers know that these products are among the best in MMA and Muay Thai pads. When your order arrives you can rest assured you will only be getting the industry's best equipment.

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