The Best In Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai is a type of close combat fighting skill that was originally used in battle during the early days of Thai history. As a technique, it greatly flourished under the reigns of King Naresuan, King Prachao Sua and King Rama V. It was part of the school curriculum until the 1920s when stakeholders in the Thai education system thought the injury rate was too high. However, the Thai people continue to study and practice it in private clubs up to the present day.

muay thai equipmentIn addition to been a highly regarded military skill, it is also a popular sport with a huge following. When we talk about changes in the world of sports, most people always think about radical changes. However, in Muay Thai, most of the changes that were effected during the years mainly touched on the type of equipment used during the sport. Groin guards have always been worn by the Thai fighters throughout the history of the sport. The early groin guard was made of sea shells attached to a piece of cloth or tree barks. The piece of cloth was used to hold the sea shells or tree bark in place.

The groin guard gave way to the pillow and eventually the groin box which was originally used in Malaysia. There are a lot of new developments in regards to this type of gear. There are all types of modern equipment used in the sport that we would strongly recommend budding fighters to use. Much of the best Muay Thai equipment is sold by MMA Industries. They also sell MMA clothing which can also be used during practice sessions as well as during matches. MMA apparel is designed with both experts and beginners in mind. One of the main reasons why we recommend MMA gear is because of its high quality and the fact that they also include world renowned brand names such as Sprawl, Hayabusa, Fairtex, Tokyo Five, Combat Sports International, UFC et cetera.

Apart from Muay Thai equipment, you will find Jiu Jitsu apparel and gear at MMA Industries. The Jiu Jitsu apparel comes from well known brands known for their quality such as Keiko Raca and Vulkan. Quality muay thai equipment is an investment that pays dividends for fighters wanting to make progress into the muay thai fighting world.

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