Thai Pads - Avoid Injury While Training

thai padsFor those looking for brand name, high-quality MMA gear and clothing, such as Thai pads and other crucial equipment, look no further than MMA Industries. We offer some of the highest quality fighting gear in the industry.

Thai pads are just the tip of the iceberg. MMA Industries carries everything you need to help you train effectively and safely. Safety equipment is vital. Items such as hand wraps, gloves, elbow pads, head gear and ankle supports and much more, can be easily found on our website.

Thai pads are constructed of tough materials for maximum impact absorption. A multilayer foam assembly distributes the impact evenly throughout the entire pad. A tough synthetic exterior is lightweight and this allows for great maneuverability when training.

Brand names mean quality. Brands like Windy, Boon, Cleto Reyes, Twins Special, Tokyo Five, Hayabusa, Sprawl and more can make a huge difference in the outcome of the fight.

If you are in search of high-quality Jiu Jitsu gear, then you are in luck. Such notable brand names like Keiko Raca and Vulkan can help you achieve the results you desire. For those who are searching for IBJJF-approved tournament wear including both NoGi and Gi competitions; we've got you covered.

As soon as you begin training with Thai pads you will notice that your workout is achieving better results as you are optimizing your workout experience. Each pad is constructed with two straps plus a handgrip. Hook and eye closures are included within the handgrip. The Windy Maximum Kick Pads are one such example. Thai pads allow you to spar, safely, with any competitor; a multilayer, foam construction aides in protecting you from numerous leg strike combinations.

Appropriate clothing is as important as safety gear. Fight shorts such as the Kingpin Grappling Shorts by Nogi allow for maneuverability and flexibility with a side slit on the legs. A pocket large enough to hold a mouth piece, a hook and loop closure within the drawstring area and a two-way stretch material make these shorts a vital piece of fighting equipment, as well.

These shorts assist a fighter by not binding during a fight. Whether you are in need of tough Thai pads or Jiu Jitsu belts, MMA Industries has the necessary equipment for your fighting and training needs.

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