Starting Out With the Right MMA Gear

Fairtex Shin GuardsMixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a contact sport that requires special MMA gear in order to help prevent serious injuries. The gear must not only provide protection, but also comfort allowing the fighters to move freely. This is the reason why you should take your time when selecting this gear to ensure that you have the best. If you are starting out in the sport, then you need to get the basic protection gear, so you do not get harmed before you gain experience. Here is some of the essential gear that you should get.

  • MMA shorts – You should look for shorts that allow you the best movement. The sport requires you to move very fast in order to defeat your opponent. Get shorts that have the best features in terms of fitting, and durability.
  • MMA gloves – You need these specially designed gloves in order to compete in the sport. The gloves should allow you to get enough grip, while grasping your opponent, and also protect your knuckles from injury in a fight. They come in various calibers depending on your level of competition. There are fight gloves, as well as sparring gloves, and you need to get a pair of each.
  • Mouth guard – being a contact sport that involves blows to the head, you should use a mouth guard to protect your teeth from being knocked out. Get a set that allows you to breathe freely whilst still fighting to elevate your cardio fitness during a fight.
  • Shin guards – MMA involves a lot of kicking and sometimes the fighters feet will collide at the shin. It is prudent that you get a pair of shin guard to avoid injury to your leg. The best have gel-lined padding which acts as a shock absorber.
  • Protective cup – Getting hit in the gonads is a very painful and debilitating experience, not to mention the damage that may occur if the contact is extremely hard. This is the reason why you should get a cup that protects you well. Some shorts come with a compression cup inside, s you may consider these first.
  • MMA shirts – although the fighters do not wear any shorts in the ring, they need them when approaching the fight and for training. It is also prestigious and traditional that you have an MMA T-shirt if you want to participate in the sport.
  • MMA gear bag – You need a strong durable bag to carry all your gear. Get these military standard bags which allow you to carry you gear with ease.