• Find The Best Fighting Gloves At MMA Industries

    fighting glovesMixed Martial Arts is fast becoming one of the most popular sports in the world. The skill levels of many up and coming fighters is incredibly impressive.  No matter if you are a beginner, amateurs or professional, the one thing that they have to seriously consider is investing in the right gear like our high quality fighting gloves.

    MMA Industries is the world’s leader in providing the best quality products for mixed martial arts. If you are looking for fighting gloves that will give you the best value for your money then you have come to the right place. Here you will find different brands that are trusted by the most experienced fighters in the world.

    One of those brands is Windy. Fighting gloves from Windy are famous for their multi-functional properties. The glove itself already acts as a hand wrap with its built in moisture permeable mesh padding found in the palm of the glove. In addition to that, the thumb and wrist parts are made with layers of protective filling to provide extra cushioning. This way there are lesser chances of you getting injured.

    Twins is also another brand that is distributed by MMA Industries. Twins fighting gloves are made of 100% cowhide leather and are therefore extremely durable. Their gloves are made with their signature Thai cell foam padding guaranteed to help you release knock out power and superior protection for your hands. These fighting gloves are also designed to prevent moisture because it is built with a satin nylon hand compartment liner. Another great feature of this Twins product is that it has extra long writs and cuff padding for superior support as you punch and block. Their gloves are available in three different colors namely red, black, and white.

    Another top of the line product that you will find at MMA Industries are Fairtex fighting gloves. Fairtex has always been known for their high quality and durable products for contact sports. When it comes to their fighting gloves you will surely get great value for your money. Their gloves are engineered with a contoured hand compartment for that perfect fit. It is designed to have an attached curved thumb for maximum fist closure allowing you to lessen the chances of acquiring eye or thumb injuries. It is also made of Grade A pre-curved leather shell so it will last you many years of use.

    So when it comes to the industry’s most trusted names in mixed martial arts gear look no further than MMA Industries. You will find everything that you need here from fighting gloves, shin guards, and other protective gear. Investing in the right gear will help you excel more and enjoy the sport more.

    Browse our full selection of fighting gloves.

  • High Quality MMA Fight Shorts

    fight shortsToday's mixed martial artists demand first rate fight shorts. It is understood that this full combat sport is all about swift and accurate movements, setting the bar high for clothing performance expectations.

    MMA Industries offers only the best MMA gear and clothing from the top brand names in the industry. Mixed martial artistry tests the ability of an individual to subdue his opponent in the quickest possible time. Techniques like grappling and striking require that the fighter shorts are flexible and durable. Whether you are an amateur or already a professional fighter, you'll find the right fight shorts to fit your needs as a fighter.

    We have numerous options for high quality fight shorts that you can wear during your fight night. Popular brands like Boon, Fairtex, Dethrone, Jaco, Nogi HD, and Windy have been tested and approved by many MMA atheletes. We make sure that all our products have the quality and reliability in and out of the ring. Comfort is also a top priority when choosing the right shorts for fighters. The nature of the sport calls for comfortable waistbands that are chafe-resistant and include elastic, superior drawstrings, Velcro, and many other features that ensure a secure and proper fit. Fabrics that are moisture-absorbent are a necessity as well.

    MMA is hand-to-hand, fist-to-fist, knee-to-knee, or any combination of combat performances. Rips on clothes happen most of the time and are commonplace. It is then expected that tear-resistance is a major characteristic of mixed martial arts gear. Kicking and getting kicked may destroy your shorts if it is not resilient. In line with this, durability is essential. Shorts should be able to last and are not just meant for one-time wearing. Cheap shorts simply will not do. Quality fabric combined with extra stitching around the groin area, seams, and waistband are a necessity. Mixed marital artists take pride in their physique. In this case, the appeal of the shorts is also taken into consideration. MMA Industries not only features high quality brands but also good looking fighting gear. You'll find many different colors, designs, and fits. Pick up an exceptional pair of fight shorts from MMA industries today.

  • Fairtex Shin Guards - When You Need The Best

    Fairtex Shin GuardsTo excel in a certain sport you need to train hard, have the drive, dedication, and passion. Having the right gear can help. If you are training for mixed martial arts you'll need shorts, gloves, shin guards and more. One of our most popular and highly reviewed shin guards are our Fairtex shin guards.

    Fairtex has long established their expertise in providing the world with the best and best quality fighting gear. Fairtex shin guards are brilliantly crafted using synthetic rubbers that are protected by polymerization of chloroprene. This provides strong chemical stability and maintains flexibility even as temperatures go from warm to cold and vise versa. These Fairtex shin guards are best for extreme mobility because they really attach to your shins even during training. They are built with elastic straps on top for a tight yet comfortable fit as well as a hook and loop cover. The stitching at the back is u-shaped on tendon position to provide better cushioning and comfort. In addition to that it also has soft pads on the foot protectors to help you those power kicks without fear of getting injured.

    Their Pro-Style Shin-Instep Guards are perfect for sparring in Muay Thai or mixed martial arts. These are built using high-density foam core to give you premium protection. With its raised ridge along the shin you will feel more protected so you have no hesitation to kick strongly if you must. With an extended instep, heavy-duty elastic band, and hook-and-loop closure, you are assured that your Fairtex shin guards are secure when you are using them. Their durable leather construction with nylon water-repellant lining will guarantee you that you will have many years of use with these shin guards.

    For Muay Thai and mixed martial arts fighters you might want to consider Fairtex Competition Shin Guards. They are newly redesigned to make it more secure and provide more instep protection. By wearing this you will be able to develop excellent timing and powerful kicks without fear of hurting your shins or injuring your sparring partner. This is also perfect for both amateur and professional fighters.

    So if you are looking for the best and most trusted brand in fighting gear look no further than Fairtex. You will be in your best fighting form and you will be able to greatly improve your performance. Check out our selection of Fairtex shin guards.

  • Huge Selection of Fairtex shorts

    Fairtex shorts

    Fairtex Shorts

    MMA Industries supplies both professional and beginner Mixed Martial Arts athletes with high quality gear from name brand distributors known world wide. Customers will be pleased to find only the best gear available and priced competitively.

    MMA Industries carries Fairtex shorts along with several other products from Hayabusa, Sprawl, Tokyo Five, UFC, Combat Sports International, Vulkan, Keiko Raca, Boon, Windy, Twins Special, Cleto Reyes, and more.

    Athletes looking for Fairtex shorts for both practice and competition will find a variety of options available through our website.

    The Fairtex Boardshorts are made of light, fast drying and comfortable microfiber fabric. They also have a hook and loop waistband for ease of use and a hidden drawstring for secure fit. Another feature of these shorts is the flexible spandex Lycra panels located on the inner thigh which provides ease of movement and extra comfort. These are available in several color choices.

    We also carry Fairtex satin Muay Thai Shorts. This product features extra-wide leg room for greater ease of movement during kicks and is made of high quality satin for durability and extra comfort. These Fairtex shorts are great for training and competition and specifically engineered to help you perform at your best.

    MMA Industries carries a wide variety of gear such as head gear, wrist gaurds, mouth guards, core protection, gloves, elbow and knee pads, training mats, gym bags, and much more. We also provide Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear and apparel as well.
    We pride ourselves on carrying the most advanced and innovative gear available. Having the proper gear provides the protection necessary to ensure an athlete’s safety. Customers can feel confident that the gear they purchase from us will last through the rigors of training and competition. Inferior products wont make the cut on our site.

    Fighters and fans alike, can find the latest in MMA T-Shirts, hats and beanies, sweatshirts, and jerseys. We also carry women’s apparel and accessories to compliment your choice of gear. Customer service agents are available to take your order, or answer any product questions.  Call 855-MMA-SHOP, or order online.  You'll find our Fairtex Shorts here.

  • Great Prices And Selection For Fairtex Gloves

    Fairtex GlovesMMA Industries carries Fairtex gloves, and many other name brand items for fighters and athletes.

    Fairtex gloves

    Having the proper equipment for Mixed Martial Arts training and competition is a necessary component to ensure an athlete’s safety and performance.

    Both professional and beginner fighters will find Fairtex gloves and other brand name equipment available through MMA Industries. This company’s main priority is to provide its customers with the very best brand name gear available. There are variety of products that will ensure that athletes of all abilities and getting the best training support available.

    MMA Industries carries many name brand items such as Fairtex, Boon, Windy, Twins Special, Cleto Reyes, Hayabusa, Sprawl, Tokyo Five, UFC, Combat Sports Internationa and more.

    Customers will find much more than just Fairtex gloves. We carry hand wraps, headgear, elbow pads, knee pads, shin guards, ankle supports, training pads, core protection, gym bags and much more.

    We also offers DVD’s, books, and accessories to enhance your training. Along with all the gear necessary for MMA, customers can also purchase Jiu Jitsu gear that is IBJJF approved tournament wear for both Gi and NoGi competitions as well as other high quality Jiu Jitsu equipment.

    MMA Industries offers several types of Fairtex gloves. Customers can buy Thai and Mexican style training gloves as well as super sparring gloves. We offer only the best items at competitive prices. We have several other types of gloves such as Velcro bag gloves, professional training and boxing gloves, MMA hybrid fight gloves, safety MMA sparring gloves, tech MMA sparring gloves, and many more.

    These gloves will provide the protection you need when working on the heavy bag and focus mitts. Inferior gloves can tear leaving you exposed and prone to injury. Customers will find only the top name brands known worldwide and high quality gear that is difficult to find from other suppliers.

    MMA Industries strives to provide its customers with only the latest and most innovative MMA, Boxing, Muay Thai & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu equipment available from only the best manufacturers. We strive to provide our customers with the proper product knowledge ensuring each athlete will have the best protection and get the best results from the gear.

    Athletes and fans alike can find sweatshirts, jerseys, hats and beanies and the latest in MMA T-Shirts available as well. Customers who use the site will find great prices, deals on shipping, and, of course, the best products available. Check out our selection of Fairtex gloves today!

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