• The Fight That Matters: Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves

    reyes boxing glovesI've seen my share of boxing matches over the years, fought in a number too, and I'll admit, I'm a bit of a gear-head. Between the time I spent ten hours at the gym practicing on the bag, only to return with blistered knuckles because the practice gloves I was using weren't well padded and the time I got in the ring with a guy and ended up going nine rounds because my gloves were filled with soft foam for padding. I had to knock the guy out pillow-fight style, I decided it's not good to work against the gear. That is why I love Cleto Reyes boxing gloves.

    Cleto Reyes started out boxing, just like me, and while the ring was not his place, he discovered he had a knack for designing all kinds of boxing gear. He started a business in 1938, making gloves, and earned approval from his local boxing commission the same year. By 1945, his designs were on the hands of Ike Williams, the man fighting for the lightweight World Championship. Today, his company is the leading producer of quality boxing gear.

    I am too old to get into the ring anymore, outside of training that is, but I still workout every day and the only gear in my bag is Cleto Reyes. I have a pair of professional fight gloves, several pairs of professional practice gloves, cheek protecting headgear, bag gloves and punch mitts. The way I see it, this product line is the best on the market, and I am not alone in saying that. Most of the professional boxing world suits up in Cleto Reyes gloves because the designs he imagined and oversaw work.

    With professional fighting gloves, you are not going to get in the ring and realize you're trying to bring a guy down with feather pillows, and you're definitely not going to feel like your bare-hand boxing. These gloves have the perfect padding for the fight. They keep your fists lose, but do not take the power out of your grip. They keep your wrists from buckling and they are light enough that your arms don't fatigue from blocking punches.

    Sure, I cannot say I won a fight just because I was wearing Reyes boxing gloves, and the other guy wasn't. You have to train for that, but I can say I have enjoyed boxing more because of this gear.

  • Fairtex Boxing Gloves Review

    fairtex boxing glovesIf you are looking for new boxing gloves, especially if you are into MMA, then you need to look at Fairtex boxing gloves. I tried them recently and have found many great benefits of using them. We will look at the many advantages these gloves offer as well as the drawbacks to be aware of. This will help you in your search for the perfect pair of boxing gloves.

    The Advantages

    The first thing I noticed when I put the gloves on is that are very comfortable. This could be due to the superior leather that it used in their production, the fact that they are lightweight despite the firmness they offer or simply the way that they curve the hand. With this, the sleek design they offer and various options for color, including two tone, give a nice appearance to the gloves.

    Another thing I noticed with the Fairtex boxing gloves is that they are very cushioned. This was helpful as it made hits feel softer than I am used to. The weight of the gloves never got in the way of my swing which is good. They offer a variety of different weights depending on what you need the gloves for. Whether you are looking for 16 ounce angled sparring gloves or a 12 ounce pair of gloves, you can find just what you are looking for with this company.

    Many also like this brand for the great price they offer on their products. Though they are not the cheapest you will find, they are at a great price. Not to mention they are worth the money you pay for them. Some of the people I talk to say they have had their gloves for many years before they even considered getting a new pair.

    The Disadvantages

    The only real disadvantage you will find is if you do not have the right size or weight gloves. This can pose a real issue as you will have too much or too little room in the glove. You should also remember to wrap your hands when using the gloves.


    If you are looking for a quality pair of boxing gloves that will not cost you an arm and a leg, then Fairtex boxing gloves are the way to go. Many fighters tell us they have never been as happy with a pair of gloves as what I am with these. There are so many options out there that you will be able to find the ones that are right for you.

  • Finding The Right Muay Thai Gloves

    Every sport has its basic equipment. No one would take to the football field without a helmet or a hockey rink without skates, and no one should practice Muay Thai without a set of Muay Thai gloves. These gloves will give your hands the basic protection that they need to get you through a fight, and they will help you to comply with any rules that your local group might have about protective wear. While Muay Thai may be a form that is best known for its kicks, that is no reason for you to ignore your hands.

    muay thai glovesFinding the Gloves

    Any MMA fighter knows how important gear can be. While anyone can strap on some tape and call themselves a fighter, a real pro knows when to buy the gear that he or she needs. If you want to practice Muay Thai, you need to invest in the right pair of Muay Thai gloves. That not only means finding something that will allow you to compete, but finding something that will allow you to do so safely. Finding the right gloves means finding the gloves that will fit you without throwing you off your game, and finding a way to incorporate the weight and fit of the gloves into your style.

    High Quality

    If you are practicing Muay Thai or you are involved in any kind of mixed martial arts fighting, you need to remember to buy the highest quality gear available. When you are fighting, you are not just dealing with an exercise - you are working with your health. The last thing you want is to break your hand or wrist simply because you did not want to buy the best gloves available. While Muay Thai may not be as well known for its punches as its kicks, it is still important to remember to protect your hands as well as you can.

    If you want to compete, you have to have the right gear. We can provide you with the Muay Thai gloves that you need to stay on top of your game. You may not become the best fighter in the world simply from wearing the right gloves, but you will never progress if you do not use the right gear. Gloves might just be a place to start for most, but they are still one of the most important elements of a good fighting kit.

  • The Best In Muay Thai Equipment

    Muay Thai is a type of close combat fighting skill that was originally used in battle during the early days of Thai history. As a technique, it greatly flourished under the reigns of King Naresuan, King Prachao Sua and King Rama V. It was part of the school curriculum until the 1920s when stakeholders in the Thai education system thought the injury rate was too high. However, the Thai people continue to study and practice it in private clubs up to the present day.

    muay thai equipmentIn addition to been a highly regarded military skill, it is also a popular sport with a huge following. When we talk about changes in the world of sports, most people always think about radical changes. However, in Muay Thai, most of the changes that were effected during the years mainly touched on the type of equipment used during the sport. Groin guards have always been worn by the Thai fighters throughout the history of the sport. The early groin guard was made of sea shells attached to a piece of cloth or tree barks. The piece of cloth was used to hold the sea shells or tree bark in place.

    The groin guard gave way to the pillow and eventually the groin box which was originally used in Malaysia. There are a lot of new developments in regards to this type of gear. There are all types of modern equipment used in the sport that we would strongly recommend budding fighters to use. Much of the best Muay Thai equipment is sold by MMA Industries. They also sell MMA clothing which can also be used during practice sessions as well as during matches. MMA apparel is designed with both experts and beginners in mind. One of the main reasons why we recommend MMA gear is because of its high quality and the fact that they also include world renowned brand names such as Sprawl, Hayabusa, Fairtex, Tokyo Five, Combat Sports International, UFC et cetera.

    Apart from Muay Thai equipment, you will find Jiu Jitsu apparel and gear at MMA Industries. The Jiu Jitsu apparel comes from well known brands known for their quality such as Keiko Raca and Vulkan. Quality muay thai equipment is an investment that pays dividends for fighters wanting to make progress into the muay thai fighting world.

    Check out our Muay Thai Equipment and other gear.

  • MMA Shin Guards From MMA Industries

    MMA shin guards are essential when training for MMA or Muay Thai. Both require protection for your knees and shin, which are among the most heavily abused parts of the body when training. MMA Industries provides a wide selection of MMA guards from the top MMA equipment manufacturers such as Fairtex and Combat Sports.

    mma shin guardsMMA Shin Guards

    MMA shin guards are made of US TOP Grain leather for durability, are lightweight, and come with extra foam over the shin to provide added shock protection to the area. The bottoms are designed with flanged pieces, and most guards come with three leg straps that run the length of the guard for secure attachment.

    Fairtex Competition guards are unique since they contain neither metal parts nor any rough edges. Dense foam absorbers are lightweight to prevent trainer fatigue, and the design ensures complete protection for both the shin and the instep. Hook and pull straps provide a tighter, custom fit. The guard is made of a synthetic leather shell treated to withstand the strongest kicks. I like the extended instep which provides the best and complete cover for my foot.

    I also prefer Combat Sports MMA Training guards to other guards sold online since this is especially designed for grapplers. It comes with a one-of-a-kind shin instep protection, which makes it perfect protection on the floor. The shin guard also comes with a neoprene support that ties the guard securely to the foot and the shin. The striking areas are covered in leather for optimum durability.

    This may be a bit more expensive compared to other brands, but there is a good reason for the price if you choose The Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite shin instep guards. The guard is made from the highest-grade leather paired with lightweight construction. I barely feel anything when wearing this guard. The guards are also designed with ergonomic curvatures for the perfect striking surface. In addition, unlike other guards, which are secured by multiple straps at the back, this model comes with a full back design so that the guard is completely secured to your shins.

    MMA Industries sells other MMA and Muay Thai equipment aside from shin guards. With equipment and gear from the top MMA gear manufacturers from around the world, you can be assured that you will get the best protection for your money. Prevent injuries and get the most out of your workouts when you buy your MMA gear from MMA Industries.

  • MMA Industries Sells The Best In MMA Apparel

    mma apparelWe at MMA Industries offer a variety of equipment and apparel for fighters of many disciplines including Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai. Our motto is "We carry the best, so you can be the best" and we work hard to ensure that our customers are happy. You can visit our user-friendly website to view the extensive list of high quality items that we sell.

    MMA Gear

    The gear we sell includes protection equipment such as gloves, headgear, elbow and knee pads, mouthguards and training pads. We also sell over fifteen styles of groin protectors. In addition, shin guards and ankle supports are also a part of our MMA gear. For persons who participate in Jiu Jitsu, we sell Jiu Jitsu belts and Gis. The belts are available for both adults and children. We sell white, blue, purple, black and brown belts for adults; for children, we have for sale black, brown, purple, blue, white, green, organge and yellow Jiu Jitsu belts.


    Backpacks are also one of our products and we have over twenty styles to select from. We also sell several Muay Thai learning materials. The learning materials are either in book or DVD format. In addition, the other accessories we have for sale are scrubbing soap, body lotion, liniments, body wipes, slippers and salve. Other interesting products that we sell include jump ropes and the corresponding racks, speed chutes and key rings.

    mma apparelMMA Apparel

    Our MMA apparel is also very popular and our line includes rashguards, sweatshirts, jerseys and shorts. We also sell over one hundred styles of t-shirts for men. We sell rashguards in sleeveless and long and short sleeves and in a variety of colors. Our clothing line also includes several styles of sweat shirts and varying styles of Muay Thai shorts, fight shorts and MMA shorts. We sell jerseys in red, green, grey, blue and several other colors and we sell several styles of caps and beanies for adults. For women, we offer t-shirts, training tights, Muay Thai shorts and racer tanks.

    We aim to please customers by providing them with durable and high quality MMA apparel and gear. Our outstanding line of products and our efficient customer service make us number one in our industry. We have designed a user-friendly and easy to maneuver website so that customers will enjoy their shopping experience. We also offer gift certificates which are a great idea for prizes for competitions.

  • The Best In Muay Thai Pads

    muay thai padsMuay Thai pads are your first defense against bruises and injury during training. Pads are also crucial especially if you are looking to deliver the best punches and kicks without the risk of injuring your opponent. You need to have the most durable pads in order to work out properly. Not all training pads are created the same. Pads of inferior quality tend to be soft and deform easily after a few uses. This is the reason why when it comes to workout pads, fighters are going to stick with a trusted name. MMA Industries carries the most durable equipment from trusted manufacturers around the world for Muay Thai and MMA training, lessening your risk for injury and giving you the most effective workout you can get.

    Knee Pads

    You cannot train and not expect injury without wearing kneepads. Designed for wrestling or Muay Thai sparring matches, where you put your knees to best use, these knee pads are designed to provide the best cushion against weight and pressure, and come with no-slip gripper pattern linings. Most of these pads also come with Lycra binding for ultimate comfort and no risk of chaffing. What fighters like most about these knee pads are the precurved and comfort flex designs which follow the natural contours of your knees, allowing you to execute the perfect kicks without any restrictions.

    Elbow Pads

    Elbow pads come with a contoured and form-fitting design to follow the natural shape of the elbows so there is lesser risk of dislodging the pads. What some fighters really like about the elbow pads are the hook and loop pull straps, which allows you to tighten the pads around your elbows for a custom fit. The high-density foam core is lightweight and yet provides a fighter's elbows with the right amount of protection from shock.

    Training Pads

    Training pads are designed for the use of coaches and personal trainers. Designed to withstand heavy-duty beatings, these pads range from curved small focus mitts, Thai pads, belly pads, and leg kick pads. These pads are made of dense foam but are lightweight at the same time to reduce training fatigue. Most training pads are made of extra thick US top grain cowhide for topnotch durability.

    Aside from MMA and workout equipment, MMA Industries also offers MMA apparel such as T-shirts, rash guards, and shorts, as well as DVDs and even books. A fighter can usually get everything he needs for workouts right from our store with great prices to match, making getting outfitted a piece of cake. Our customers know that these products are among the best in MMA and Muay Thai pads. When your order arrives you can rest assured you will only be getting the industry's best equipment.

    Check out our vast selection of Muay Thai Pads.

  • MMA Gloves and Handwraps: Important Equipment For Fighters

    Since it was first introduced in the U.S. in 1993, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has begun to replace boxing and wrestling as American's favorite spectator combat sport. In addition, there has been an increase in the number of people (both men and women) who participate in MMA. However, relatively few people have yet to gain the professional ambition to become a competition fighter. Instead, many of the new participants joined after discovering the health benefits of the excellent cardiovascular workout that the MMA training regimen utilizes, as well as the valuable self-defense techniques it teaches.

    MMA GlovesCompared to most sports, there is a relatively small amount of equipment that is necessary, or even allowed, during a MMA competition. One important element, however, are the proper gloves. MMA gloves come in two major types: the amateur gloves, which start out at around 6 ounces (170 g) and can weigh in at as much as 10 ounces; and the professional type, which top out at 4 ounces (110g). The latter type is pretty well useless for training, since it has little in the way of padding. So, for more effective training purposes, when just starting out it is recommended that you choose amateur gloves that are about 10 ounces in order to build upper arm and shoulder strength and endurance; next to the hip and leg muscles, those of the arms and shoulders are the most vulnerable to strain and possible injury.

    Under the category of amateur gloves, there are a few different varieties. Bag gloves are designed for just that: bag workouts. Since there is relatively little padding, you'll want to use handwraps with these in order to protect your knuckles. Aside from bag gloves, there are other amateur gloves that most people just basically refer to as MMA training gloves because they have become widely associated with training purposes. They are similar to boxing gloves and are good for sparring as well as bag workouts.

    Once you are ready to step into the ring, it's time to start thinking about actual MMA, or "grappling" gloves. These have separate openings for the four fingers and thus allow for the use of wrestling moves as well as padding over the knuckles. Recently, a "hybrid" type of glove has come on to the market, which combines the benefits of both the training as well as the fight glove, providing some extra padding around the knuckle area while enabling the wearer to use grappling moves in the ring.

    Although many gyms keep gloves on hand for use by their members, it is highly recommended that you purchase your own training equipment and gear for health reasons. There are many different companies today that produce MMA gloves, and not all are created equal. You can spend as little as $20 for a pair, but chances are these won't be durable; you'll be replacing them about every three months. Plan on paying between $60 to $100 for a decent pair. Although this may seem like a considerable investment, you'll get much more use out of them. Some of the highest quality MMA gloves are now manufactured by brands such as Boon, Combat, Fairtex, and Windy. Additionally, at least one motorcycle company, Hayabusa, has broken into the MMA industry and is also making quality gloves. Hayabusa must figure that durability fit to withstand the rigors of motorcycling will most certainly serve you well when it comes to combat.

  • Required Equipment: MMA Mouthguards And Headgear

    Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is a contact sport in no uncertain terms. As is the case with all contact sports, participants are wise to wear protective gear, particularly if they value their dentition. Although participation in the sport calls for a minimal amount of MMA equipment(basically, shorts, gloves and for women, a sports bra is all that is allowed), head and mouth protectors are highly recommended.

    Of course, with the explosive growth in the popularity of MMA in the US and other parts of the world, numerous manufacturers (including one best known for its motorcycling wear) have begun producing thousands of product offerings which range from cheap and poorly made to expensive, high-quality items that will last for years. It pays to do some comparison shopping. Read some of the online MMA forums to find out what other fighters have to say, and above all, not be afraid to spend a few bucks for something that is durable and will furnish the best protection. After all, even at $100, a good mouth guard is far less expensive than dental implants (which can run has much as $3000 for a single tooth).

    MMA mouthguardsThere are two types of MMA mouthguards available; the single and the double. A single mouth guard furnishes protection only for the upper jaw, and is the type most commonly worn by MMA fighters. The double mouth guard offers a great deal more protection, but has the drawback of restricting respiration, which can out one at a distinct disadvantage during such a high-exertion workout. This is the reason that most MMA fighters opt for the single mouth guard.

    Nonetheless, it is strongly recommended that you choose the double type. Aside from the extra protection and padding, a double mouth guard will also help to isolate and stabilize the lower jaw. This means that when you take a blow to your chin, you will run less risk of serious TMJ and head injury; because the upper and lower jaws are locked in place, the force of the blow is absorbed by the neck muscles instead of the skull.

    When choosing mouthguards, look for one made from at least two materials; a hard outer shell and soft, gel-like inner surface. It is also important not to bite down with too much force when fitting it to your own bite; otherwise, you risk deforming the inner padding to the point that it will no longer furnish sufficient protection.

    MMA headgearMMA headgear is similar to those used by boxers when training. A decent leather helmet, well padded inside and out with extra cushioning for the ears, jaw and cheekbones is the best choice. Again, plan on spending between $80 and $100 because the cheap "bargain brands" won't do you much good in the ring.

  • MMA Training Equipment: Gloves And Handwraps

    gloves and handwrapsThe various types of gloves used in mixed martial arts (MMA) are not simply to protect your opponent, they're meant to protect you as well, particularly while training. With regards to the various types of MMA equipment available, the gloves used for training are not necessarily the same as those used for actual combat; likewise, gloves used by professional MMA fighters are different from those used by amateurs.

    There are a few different styles of training gloves, and depending on your specific training level and objectives, you may use more than one type. The two main varieties are bag gloves, which are essentially boxing gloves (like a mitten) and grappling gloves, which have separate openings for the fingers and make it possible to use the various wrestling moves permitted under MMA rules.

    Bag gloves are good for bag work and sparring, but lack the padding, flexibility and protection of grappling gloves. If you are using bag gloves for training, it's best to use  handwraps as well.

    Better (and higher-priced) grappling gloves have extra padding over the knuckles, which minimize the risk of serious injury to both combatants. The MMA gloves used by professionals tend to be lighter in weight, topping out at about four ounces. For training and amateur purposes, you will want gloves that weigh at least six ounces, and preferably ten. There are two distinct benefits to wearing weighted training gloves: one of these is of course the added protection in the form of extra padding, but heavier gloves also force you to train harder and aids in the development of the upper arms and shoulders. Aside from the hips, glutes and upper legs, muscles such as the deltoids, traps, lats and triceps are the most likely to suffer strain injuries. Developing extra strength in these muscle groups not only makes you a more formidable fighter, it will help you in avoiding injury as well.

    One piece of MMA gear that deserves to be mentioned is the muay thai style specialty fight glove. Like boxing gloves, these are more like mitts, meaning they are no separate finger openings. They are however much heavier than standard bag gloves or grappling gloves; in some cases, muay thai gloves weigh in at as much as sixteen and twenty ounces. There's a reason that many fighters enjoy using gloves and handwraps for training purposes. In addition, muay thai gloves have extended wrist protection, providing support and making it easier for combatants to use the forearms to block punches and kicks.

    While it should be pointed out that while many web sites may advertise "cheap gloves," this is one aspect of your gear that you should definitely spend more than a few bucks on. Gloves in the $20 - $40 range are not likely to be very durable or provide the necessary protection. If you are seriously considering taking on the MMA training regimen then you ought to make sure you obtain the proper training equipment regardless of whether or not you are training for combat, physical fitness, or just to learn self defense tactics. Therefore, you should plan on spending between $60 and $100 for a decent set of gloves that will be durable and meet or exceed MMA regulation requirements.

    See our selection of gloves and handwraps.

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