• Top Brand MMA Apparel For Comfort and Durability

    mma apparelThere is a tremendous increase in the popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) all around the world. The sport has taken the world by storm as fans flock to see the best fighters in the world test their skills and resolve.

    Fans show their support by purchasing clothing and equipment that is used by top athletes in the sport. Today you will find the clothing being used at the gym for training, or on the street, as casual wear.

    Top-name clothing manufacturers balance the performance needs of true fighters, and the comfort needs of everyday fans. As a result, today we are seeing better materials being offered for the fighters, and more comfort for fans. This trend has led to the development of clothing for both men and women, and some family-themed styles too. This means that even the youngest of aspiring MMA athletes can show off their favorite MMA clothing brand.

    You can get MMA fighter shirts, which are signature shirts showing that you not only love the sport, but you are a fan of a particular fighter. Fighters can sometimes get royalties from the sale of these shirts. Almost every sport has a signature hat, and the same can be said for MMA. You can also get hats ranging from baseball-style caps, to winter beanie-hats. The hooded sweat shirts are popular during the cold months, and never go out of style, even when adorned during the warmer months. The T-shirts are the most popular item in the MMA apparel department. At MMA Industries you will find over 30 different brand names, and all styles and sizes; you're sure to find one that you will love.

    The design of MMA apparel is such that is gives the wearer a feeling of absolute comfort, yet allows the fighters protection and flexibility. So if you are looking for MMA clothing or apparel that is both durable and comfortable, look no further than MMA Industries. We feature all the top brand manufacturers and offer fair prices.


  • Finding The Best MMA Gear


    Over the years, mixed martial arts related sports have exploded in popularity. As years go by, as with any sport, the competition, venues, and gear get better. These changes can be attributed to the changes in technology and more so to the changing demands of players and fans. This is no different when it comes to martial arts. MMA started out with fighters with only one specific art or skill. Today fighters, incorporate taekwondo, Muay Thai, kickboxing, judo, karate and many other disciplines, hence earning it the title mixed martial arts (MMA).

    It has been the norm for any associates of a sport to have clothing that identifies with the game. The same goes for MMA; there is certain clothing for the fighters or players as well as fans. This MMA gear is important to the fighter so as the fans, can easily spot them on the field. A different fighter will have their gear designed in a different manner as that of another. This is a way of identifying themselves to the fans. On the other hand, the MMA gear meant for the fans is used to show the support that they have for their favorite fighter.

    MMA Industries aims at satisfying both the fans as well as the fighters. We put in all our time, skills and energy to provide only the best MMA gear to the market.  The range of gear we offer to the public varies from Muay Thai T-Shirts to shorts.  Whether a fighter or a fan, you'll find the best gear at low prices.

  • Top Brand MMA Shorts at MMAIndustries.com

    MMA ShortsMixed Martial Arts (MMA) has become a very popular sport today. The kind of attire that you wear when competing in this sport is very special, though this may not be apparent to the untrained eye. When you see these fighters on the television, you may not think that the MMA shorts that they wear are anything other than the ordinary shorts that you may buy at the store. However, these shorts are specially designed to withstand the rigorous nature of the sports and provide the fighters with the comfort to perform at peak levels.

    MMA shorts are designed to provide maximum comfort, and free movement. Here are some of the features that are manufactured into the shorts to allow this:

    On the inside of the shorts, you will find a stretch panel, made of spandex, which allows unlimited stretching. This material allows the fighters to move freely without tearing or ripping apart. The stretch panel also allows expansion whenever great pressure is exerted on them, acting as a shock absorber. If the shorts were made of a tough material, then they would be very uncomfortable for the fighters to wear.

    The shorts have split seams which allow the shorts to be worn by people with different thigh sizes. This seam also enhances the ability to allow unrestricted movement, letting the fighter go through his paces freely. When the fighters are in close engagement, they usually pull and tug at each other, and the split seams help in stopping the ripping of the shorts.

    MMA shorts are made of a lightweight material that is also quick-drying. They have the ability to pull moisture away from the skin, thus reducing the amount of sticking that may occur due to sweating. This further enhances the free movement of the fighters.

    MMA shorts have a rubberized waistband, to allow the shorts to grasp the fighter's waist better. Any weaker waist band will cause the short to swing around, causing plenty of discomfort, especially in the groin area. This feature allows the fighters to concentrate on the sport, without having to keep adjusting the shorts.

    MMA shorts have dual-Velcro fastening, in addition to the string fastener. This feature enhances the fitting of the shorts, once again, to enable fighter to engage without having to adjust their shorts.

    These are some of the features that make MMA shorts special. So next time you see two MMA fighters going hard at each other, you should respect the fact that they are able to do so, due to the special shorts that they are wearing.

    See Our Full Selection Of Mixed Martial Arts Shorts

  • Find The Lastest In MMA Gear and Fighting Apparel

    MMA Gear and Fighting ApparelIn the "New Arrivals" section of our website, visitors can find men`s, women`s or kid`s gear starting from T-shirts and board shorts to Thai shorts or special gym bags at special prices.

    Get FREE Shipping & A FREE Fairtex T-shirt
    MMA industries offers several advantages like free domestic ground shipping on all orders over $100 and same day shipping for all orders placed before 11AM EST. Visitors can also take advantage of the special offer active this month: a free Fairtex t-shirt can be received for every purchase that exceeds $125 in value.

    Top Name Brands
    MMA Industries offers a wide selection of gear & apparel and great prices. Our collections are comprised of high quality MMA and Muay Thai gear from famous brands like Fairtex, Combat Sports, Boon, Jaco, Tokyo Five, UFC, Vulkan and many more, perfect for training like an MMA Fighter.  We offer products for both beginners and professionals and are offered in wide range of sizes. Customers will notice the possibility to shop by brand, size or price and sort items by name, price or color, making the shopping experience more pleasant.

    Fantastic Customer Service
    Our customer service team is ready to answer any questions and recommend apparel and gear according to criteria like price, level of training and preferred style of training. We put a lot of effort into providing the best customer service. Our products are great, but we think it is even more important to ship them on time and offer an amazing shopping experience to each of our customers.   Exact inventory, updated stock of products and an order tracking facility make MMA Industries one of the top online stores for MMA apparel and gear. Visitors can pay by card or PayPal and the shipping is fast and secure.

    Customers can make better purchase decisions by checking the company blog where experts and fighters publish detailed product reviews and training tips.

    Make your next MMA gear purchase at MMA Industries, we know you wont be disappointed.

    Shop Our New Arrivals

  • Fighting For The Best MMA Gloves

    MMA GlovesHow you wear your MMA gloves will be the best indicator of what type of gloves you should buy. If you are an experienced fighter, looking for a pair of gloves for your next big match, you will want to invest in a pair of high quality, durable bag gloves that will provide you with protection, comfort and the endurance you need to successfully get through your next fight with confidence and ease. If you enjoy MMA training for the fitness and the discipline involved, you still want a good pair of gloves that will be around for a while. When you use cheap gloves that are not made well, you will not only find them tearing, ripping and stretching out, you will also put your body in jeopardy because you will not be able to train properly.

    There are certain things that are non-negotiable when it comes to finding the right gloves, whether you wear them as a fighter or just to train in. You will find you have several options, and most gloves will either be open hand or will fully enclose your hands and fingers. Most experts agree that as a newcomer, you should avoid the open hand gloves. It is important to be able to make a closed fist while wearing gloves and the best way to do this is to have your hands fully supported and protected. The open hand gloves might look flashy and more professional, but those are gloves you should work your way up to.

    Your gloves might seem heavy, especially if you are new to MMA gear or you are trying on a new pair. Don't worry too much about it, because it will only make you a better fighter. More experienced MMA trainers and fighters might prefer the open hand glove, and that is something you can work up to. Gloves are the foundation of your MMA fighting gear, so you want to make sure you are investing in the most appropriate pair for your skill level, training schedule and fighting plans. If you work with a coach, a trainer or fellow MMA athletes, be sure to talk to them about what will work best for your routine.

    There are many good brands that carry MMA gloves on the market. You can find them in sporting goods stores, specialty shops and online. Be sure to shop around for the best deal, and take some time to read customer reviews. That's a great way to understand how they actually work while they are being used. Remember that quality, durability and reliability are the best qualities to look for. Saving a few dollars might seem like a good idea, but shopping for cheap gloves could hurt you in the long run.

  • MMA Shorts: A Buying Guide

    MMA ShortsThe type of MMA shorts you wear during a practice or a competition can have a big impact on how well you train or compete. Your shorts should be loose, comfortable and made from high quality fabrics and craftsmanship. As you shop for just the right shorts, remember that your MMA apparel is an investment, and spending a little more money at the outset will save you money and frustration in the long run. Cheap shorts will rip, tear and cause problems every time you fight.

    Most people who participate in MMA will tell you that all you really need in a pair of shorts is a drawstring and plenty of room to move around. The drawstring is important because it will allow you to get the right fit when you put on your shorts. In addition to a drawstring, look for a wide and comfortable waistband that will keep your shorts in place. With all of the movements that come with MMA, you really need to be sure your shorts are not going to fall down, bunch between your legs or ride up towards your torso. A wide elastic and a drawstring will ensure they perform as well as you do.

    The wide legs are also important. You want to be able to move quickly and with ease, and if your shorts are too tight around your legs, you will slow down and feel constricted. There are MMA shorts on the market that have a split seam up the side of each leg. This can also be helpful in allowing you a little additional room to move around and kick any time you need to. If you have thick or muscular legs, the split seam might work especially well so that you can stay mobile while you compete or train.

    Make sure there are no pockets in your shorts. If you have pockets, you run the risk of getting an opponent's fingers, toes, hands or other body parts caught in them. Your shorts should be without pockets on either the sides or in the back. This is one reason why you cannot just throw on any pair of shorts that you have in your workout collection to participate in MMA. You need to be thinking about your safety and the safety of those you work with.

    Try on a few pairs of MMA shorts in order to understand what feels good on you. Look for a satin fabric, or something similar that will keep you dry and able to move quickly and easily. Make sure there is enough room for your legs, either with shorts that are cut wide or split seams up the sides. Once you begin your MMA practice, you will notice how important the shorts become.

  • Fairtex Shorts: Top MMA Gear Review

    Fairtex ShortsWhether your passion is for MMA, kickboxing or other athletics involving kicks, jumps and a lot of movement, a good pair of Fairtex shorts are essential to your success. You will need several pairs for practicing, training and competing. There are several key elements to these shorts that make them unique, desirable and effective in keeping your comfortable and mobile while you perfect your martial arts. Make sure you invest wisely in the best made shorts that you can find in the industry.

    The best Fairtex items are handmade in Thailand. As you are shopping for these shorts, be sure to check labels and descriptions for something that indicates that they are handmade, and that they come from Thailand. There might be a lot of lower budget brands that are trying to resemble the Fairtex brand, but if they are not handmade in Thailand, you will not get the same level of quality and craftsmanship. It will be important to make this distinction as you shop and stock up on shorts for your practices and competitions.

    Legroom is also very important. Whether you are shopping for men's shorts or women's shorts, you want to make sure there is plenty of freedom to move around and kick. Each leg should be a little bit wider than ordinary shorts so that you have the extra room. Your MMA practice and competitions will include a lot of kicking and movement with your legs, feet and knees. The additional legroom built into the Fairtex shorts will give you greater ease and a lot more efficiency when you need to move quickly.

    A wide and flexible waistband is another thing to look for in a proper pair of shorts. An elastic waistband that includes extra support and a drawstring will ensure that the shorts fit well and stay in place on your hips while you are engaged in MMA. All of your kicks, jumps and other movements can be completed confidently because you know your shorts will not be going anywhere. The band will not roll down, ride up or cause any irritation to your skin, even if you are sweating.

    Remember that a good pair of Fairtex shorts will be handmade in Thailand, extra wide in the legs and supportive in the waistband. Make sure the material is satin, because that will provide comfort and breathability while you practice and compete. Experienced MMA fighters are highly selective when it comes to their gear and what they will wear on their bodies when they are training or getting ready for a match. Make sure you are on level with what you are wearing so that the wrong shorts do not drag you down in a fight.

  • Customer Reviews Of Fairtex Gloves

    Fairtex GlovesWhen you participate in MMA and other full contact athletic sports, the most important part of your equipment is your gloves. You need high quality, dependable gloves to protect yourself and keep you confident and aggressive. Fairtex gloves are undoubtedly the best on the market. They blow away all other brands when it comes to craftsmanship, durability, comfort and style. Serious MMA competitors train and compete with these gloves because they demand the best. As you are shopping for the best gloves you can find, be sure to pay attention to what other customers have to say about these gloves. Almost all of the reviews online and in stores are outstanding.

    Fairtex gloves are made in Thailand, and they are constructed with high quality leather. They adapt to all of your MMA activities, including bag work, sparring and pad training. They will fit your hands the way they should, and help you make a clean and solid fist while you are wearing them. Your wrists will be stabilized and secure because of a wrap around closure and hooks and loops which offer an easy way to adjust them. The investment will require anywhere from $75 to $125, depending on where you buy them, but once you put them on you will know that your money is not wasted. Customers who have tried these gloves for the first time, and even those who have been wearing them for years, agree that you get what you pay for.

    Customers have reported that these gloves are dependable and long lasting. Several satisfied consumers said that they have had their gloves for five years or more, and they are still in great condition. When you train and compete on a regular basis, your gloves need to be in the best shape they can be, otherwise you will not perform as well as you could. Gloves like these are built to endure the harshest training sessions and the fiercest MMA competitions.

    Also appreciated by customers is the extra wrist support in Fairtex gloves, as well as the inner lining which feels better on your hands. As you search for the best gloves you can find for your MMA workouts and fights, be sure to look for the Fairtex brand, which is handmade in Thailand. You will appreciate the natural feel and comfort, the support you get for your hands and wrists and the dexterity and flexibility you get when you are practicing and competing. The high quality leather and the water repellent nylon lining will keep you and your hands safe and aggressive. With the outstanding protection and mobility these gloves provide, you will agree with the other customers who buy these that they are well worth your investment.

  • A Great Place To Buy Twins Boxing Gloves

    Rob S., Twins Boxing GlovesFrom a MMA Industries customer Rob S.:

    "When I first started shopping for Twins boxing gloves, I wasn't really sure where to start. In fact, I came across so many websites that claim to be the best online source for these types of gloves it was all a little overwhelming. It was hard to differentiate the dealer that sells genuine MMA gear from the ones willing to exploit my hard-earned cash. As I was about to give up, I came across MMA Industries and judging from the level of service and satisfaction I got from them, I thought it was necessary to share my experience.

    The Twins boxing gloves that I bought were very high quality. The leather gloves were created from the best materials and designed carefully to guarantee their durability.  One thing that interested me about Twins boxing gloves is that the interior is coated with top-quality multilayer foam that acts as a shock absorber to protect the hand from regular impact from kicks and blows. The durability and comfort made my hands feel like I could tackle any fighter I'm matched up with.

    twins boxing glovesAnother thing I love about Twins boxing gloves is that they come with good wrist support and protection during training, sparring or competition. The padded wrist protection kept my hands comfortable throughout tough workouts without creating blisters or even irritating my skin. MMA Industries has a wide variety of Twins boxing gloves with various sizes, colors, designs and features allowing me to choose exactly what I want from their site.

    MMA Industries allowed me to track my order and I really appreciated the good customer service which shows me they understand the true meaning of a business that values its clients. MMA Industries offers shipping to practically any destination in the world and the shipping costs were very reasonable.

    All I can say is that MMA industries provides great gear and service for fighters. The company is doing it right so they'll get my business again. Thanks MMA Industries for the great Twins boxing gloves and the service to back up what you sell."

  • MMA Shirts At MMA Industries

    mma shirtsMMA industries supplies some of the finest Jiu Jitsu Gis's, MMA gear and clothing on the market today, at great prices. My personal favorites are the MMA shirts. MMA is my absolute favorite sport and I want to show my support of these fearless athletes. This is the place I come to when I want only the best.

    MMA is one of the hottest sports around and wearing brand name shirts is a great way to support it. These are some of the finest athletes in the world and they never fail to display what full contact combat is all about. MMA has grown in popularity in just the past few years and is now one of the highest ranking combat sports, rivaling both professional wrestling and boxing. This is the sport that separates the good from the best.

    The MMA Shirts at MMA Industries are some of the hottest in the industry. I can find everything I am looking for quickly and easily because, not only do they stock all of my favorite brands, the site is easy to navigate. I can choose clothing by color, brand or position and that makes it easy to locate just the right shirt. These are not the kind of shirts that are going to shrink and turn into rags after the first couple of washings, either; with brand names like Affliction, Boon Sport, Fairtex, Full Contact Fighter, Silver Star, Sprawl, Tokyo Five and Triumph, MMA Industries only stocks the highest quality products.

    MMA industries also stocks the greatest designs you can find, anywhere. Many of my personal favorites are here with those famous designs that have been talked about online, and advertised at much higher prices.  These are the real shirts that get noticed and let people know that you are serious about MMA. There are no substitutes for quality or brands when it comes to showing your loyalty.

    Whether you are looking for gear, workout clothes, T-shirts, tanks, hoodies, sweatshirts or shorts, this is the site to shop. MMA Industries always has free domestic shipping on clothing and most orders are shipped the same day. They also welcome international orders. It is easy to track your orders and they always offer the utmost in customer support.  MMA Industries has men's, women's and kid's sizes and there are always MMA shirts available on sale or clearance. This is the site for MMA apparel and gear, no doubt about it.

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