MMA Shin Guards From MMA Industries

MMA shin guards are essential when training for MMA or Muay Thai. Both require protection for your knees and shin, which are among the most heavily abused parts of the body when training. MMA Industries provides a wide selection of MMA guards from the top MMA equipment manufacturers such as Fairtex and Combat Sports.

mma shin guardsMMA Shin Guards

MMA shin guards are made of US TOP Grain leather for durability, are lightweight, and come with extra foam over the shin to provide added shock protection to the area. The bottoms are designed with flanged pieces, and most guards come with three leg straps that run the length of the guard for secure attachment.

Fairtex Competition guards are unique since they contain neither metal parts nor any rough edges. Dense foam absorbers are lightweight to prevent trainer fatigue, and the design ensures complete protection for both the shin and the instep. Hook and pull straps provide a tighter, custom fit. The guard is made of a synthetic leather shell treated to withstand the strongest kicks. I like the extended instep which provides the best and complete cover for my foot.

I also prefer Combat Sports MMA Training guards to other guards sold online since this is especially designed for grapplers. It comes with a one-of-a-kind shin instep protection, which makes it perfect protection on the floor. The shin guard also comes with a neoprene support that ties the guard securely to the foot and the shin. The striking areas are covered in leather for optimum durability.

This may be a bit more expensive compared to other brands, but there is a good reason for the price if you choose The Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite shin instep guards. The guard is made from the highest-grade leather paired with lightweight construction. I barely feel anything when wearing this guard. The guards are also designed with ergonomic curvatures for the perfect striking surface. In addition, unlike other guards, which are secured by multiple straps at the back, this model comes with a full back design so that the guard is completely secured to your shins.

MMA Industries sells other MMA and Muay Thai equipment aside from shin guards. With equipment and gear from the top MMA gear manufacturers from around the world, you can be assured that you will get the best protection for your money. Prevent injuries and get the most out of your workouts when you buy your MMA gear from MMA Industries.

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