MMA Gear: Leg Gear And Protection

MMA gearAlthough mixed martial arts (MMA) incorporate elements of ju-jitsu, karate, judo and other traditional Far Eastern fighting styles, MMA participants are prohibited from wearing a gi or fighting kimono. Shoes are not allowed in MMA combat either. Nonetheless, those who participate in the sport are required to wear the appropriate clothing and MMA gear.

Because of the rules and regulations put into place over the past twenty years (for the increased protection of all participants), an entire industry devoted to the manufacture of appropriate MMA training equipment has grown immensely since MMA was first introduced in the U.S. in 1993. There is a difference between MMA clothing and actual fight wear. Actual MMA fight wear must meet global standards of competition, regardless of whether used for amateur or professional bouts. Training and leisure wear can include anything you feel comfortable working out in and could also include a number of items that promote the sport, especially if an individual is being sponsored. These include MMA t-shirts, MMA sweatshirts, MMA beanies, baseball caps and the like.

For men, the only articles of clothing (technically known as "fightware" in order to differentiate it from the training wear) allowed in the MMA fight ring are MMA shorts and MMA gloves - aside from the required sports bra for women. MMA fighting shorts come in various styles; board shorts are fairly popular, as are shorts similar to those used in biking, which extend about halfway down the thigh. Another type are the "gladiator shorts," which have slits in the side of the legs in order to facilitate movement.

mma leg gearMMA training wear is useful for extended workouts in a gym setting, but is not absolutely required for bag work and light sparring. Many of those who belong to an MMA club or organization enjoy wearing training outfits with the club logo imprinted on them.

As is the case with MMA training gloves, there is a plethora of manufacturers and a wide range of prices. Chances are those who spend a great deal of time engaging in MMA training and workouts will want to have several sets of appropriate clothing unless they enjoy doing laundry all the time. Also, keep in mind that cheap MMA wear is not necessarily a bargain; poorly-made clothing is likely to fall apart quickly. With the high demand that MMA training places on durability you'll want to consider MMA equipment that is of higher quality.

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