MMA Clothing: The Top Brands

MMA clothingPerhaps one of the most well-known and well-respected brands is Fairtex, the brand leader in MMA and Muay Thai apparel and equipment. Since their inception in the 1970s this brand‘s cutting edge innovations in the field of combat sports equipment have literally changed the face of training.  Their equipment has a well-deserved reputation for surviving the rigors of a sustained training schedule.  Similarly their apparel utilizes the latest developments in sweat management and design for comfort.  They have a very broad range covering everything from clothing to equipment to protection gear to bags and hats, and even a women’s apparel collection.

Boon prides itself on its simplicity of design as its focus is on function and the sport itself.  It utilizes top quality leathers in its equipment, selected to be appropriate for their particular use, for example it uses tough durable leather in production of kick pads, while soft leather which molds to the shape of the hand is used for gloves.  They choose their foams based on durability, flexibility and weight, and have all their equipment put through its paces in the gyms of Bangkok.

Mexican brand Cleto Reyes takes its name from its founder, a boxer who repaired his own gloves and realized he had a talent. More than seventy years later, Cleto Reyes products are marketed on five continents with the approval of most of the main world organizations and the brand’s gloves have been worn in some of the most high profile championship boxing matches.  They have a broad product range, including t-shirts, hand wraps, protection gear and, of course, boxing gloves.

Twins Special is a well-known specialist in Muay Thai equipment and apparel.  They have an exclusive right to supply competitions at Thailand’s world-famous Lumpinee Stadium, which is not a surprise when you consider the reputation their products have for withstanding even the toughest training and combat.  Their range includes t-shirts, shorts, bags, gloves and many types of protection.

MMA, Muay Thai and boxing brand Windy uses top quality materials and hand-make everything in Thailand to ensure the highest levels of performance, comfort and longevity.  They produce many types of protection gear, along with clothing and training equipment.

Some brands are more focused on the clothing side of this sport.  One such is Jaco Clothing, an action sports lifestyle brand whose clean designs and sleek silhouettes are designed to inspire the same values as the athletes who wear them: respect, strength, courage and tenacity.  Aside from their obviously philosophical ethos, this brand produces sportswear that will undoubtedly make the fighter stand out from the crowd, but in a distinctly understated way.

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