Fairtex Shin Guards - When You Need The Best

Fairtex Shin GuardsTo excel in a certain sport you need to train hard, have the drive, dedication, and passion. Having the right gear can help. If you are training for mixed martial arts you'll need shorts, gloves, shin guards and more. One of our most popular and highly reviewed shin guards are our Fairtex shin guards.

Fairtex has long established their expertise in providing the world with the best and best quality fighting gear. Fairtex shin guards are brilliantly crafted using synthetic rubbers that are protected by polymerization of chloroprene. This provides strong chemical stability and maintains flexibility even as temperatures go from warm to cold and vise versa. These Fairtex shin guards are best for extreme mobility because they really attach to your shins even during training. They are built with elastic straps on top for a tight yet comfortable fit as well as a hook and loop cover. The stitching at the back is u-shaped on tendon position to provide better cushioning and comfort. In addition to that it also has soft pads on the foot protectors to help you those power kicks without fear of getting injured.

Their Pro-Style Shin-Instep Guards are perfect for sparring in Muay Thai or mixed martial arts. These are built using high-density foam core to give you premium protection. With its raised ridge along the shin you will feel more protected so you have no hesitation to kick strongly if you must. With an extended instep, heavy-duty elastic band, and hook-and-loop closure, you are assured that your Fairtex shin guards are secure when you are using them. Their durable leather construction with nylon water-repellant lining will guarantee you that you will have many years of use with these shin guards.

For Muay Thai and mixed martial arts fighters you might want to consider Fairtex Competition Shin Guards. They are newly redesigned to make it more secure and provide more instep protection. By wearing this you will be able to develop excellent timing and powerful kicks without fear of hurting your shins or injuring your sparring partner. This is also perfect for both amateur and professional fighters.

So if you are looking for the best and most trusted brand in fighting gear look no further than Fairtex. You will be in your best fighting form and you will be able to greatly improve your performance. Check out our selection of Fairtex shin guards.

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