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  • Product Review: Boon Training Gloves-- Do They Make the Grade?

    Boon training gloves review Aren't these black Boon training gloves pretty?

    In this product review, we put a new pair of Boon training gloves through its paces, but first, allow us to wax poetic on automobiles:  In the do-or-die world of super high performance cars, the humble Corvette, with its old school approach, is still hanging in there with incendiary European exotics that boast enough technology to send a man to the moon (and a price tag that reflects this).   I know, I know; you’re wondering what the hell supercars have to do with Muay Thai gear—bear with me for a moment, I’m making a point!  What I’m getting at is, sometimes, the simple things just work.  Regarding Muay Thai gear, Boon Sport is a company whose equipment just plain works, and that is clearly displayed in their 16oz training gloves that I recently tested, which you can see right here.

    As far as aesthetics go, the Boon training gloves, as with most of Boon’s gear, definitely appear to have been designed with a minimalist approach in mind.  If you’re expecting a “JUST BLEED” style glove, festooned with skulls, pitbulls, and flaming chains, you’re going to be disappointed.  All you’re going to see here is the Boon logo displayed on the back of the hand and on the Velcro closure strap…and that’s just fine for me!  Boon actually prides themselves on their visually minimalist designs; they would rather spend their resources on making the best Muay Thai equipment possible, as opposed to the most aesthetically stimulating.  The 16oz gloves are available in black, brown, white, or blue.  The 14oz and 12oz gloves are available in these colors, as well as pink and red.  The pair of Boon training gloves I demoed were black… just the way I like my training gear. 

    When I eagerly grabbed the Boon training gloves to do the obligatory “pull them on, slam them together a few times, and then shadowbox a bit” routine, I immediately noticed how soft the leather on the impact surface of the glove was.  Boon uses different leather for different applications, which makes total sense.  The leather that covers the impact zone of a Thai pad performs a different function, and is subjected to different forces than the leather that covers a sparring glove.  This is why the leather on the gloves surprised me with its velvety-smooth, supple texture.  Don’t worry, though; this attention to comfort isn’t wasted on your sparring partners’ faces.  The hand compartment is nice and snug fitting, with a luxuriously soft-textured liner that does a pretty decent job at keeping your hands dry.  Granted, it’s not a true “breathable” design, but it’s not bad at all.  The softness of the foam and the inner lining lent a form-fitting feel to the hand compartment.  The gloves really snugged up nicely.  The profile is a little wider than some more narrow designs, but not in any way intrusive or cumbersome.  Looking over the entire glove, there wasn’t a single stitch out of place or uneven.  Overall, the comfort, fit, and finish were all as expected from a company like Boon, which is to say “awesome.”

    I wore my Boon training gloves to a typical Muay Thai class, which consisted of glove, bag, and pad drills with light sparring at the end.  During intense drills, I quickly appreciated the heavy Velcro lined closure strap.  It was really easy to grab with your teeth to strap on or strap off (sure, it’s not the right way to tighten or to remove your gloves, but we all do it).  The thickness and density of the Velcro makes me confident that this part of the glove would last a long time.  I’ve had gloves from other manufacturers that held up just fine, except for the second rate Velcro closure.  A glove that no longer tightens properly is useless.  The density of the foam sat nicely in the middle; not “puncher’s glove” light like a Cleto Reyes, but not overly firm either.  It protected my hands well, and the few punches I actually landed on my sparring partners didn’t leave them in bloody heaps.  I’ve used softer “puncher’s gloves” on Thai pads before and actually hurt my hands; that was definitely not the case with these Boon training gloves. 

    If you’re looking for a new set of Muay Thai training gloves that are up to the task of bagwork, padwork, and even sparring, it’s hard to ignore the awesome Boon training gloves.  Their no-frills, all-function design is the perfect paint brush with which you can paint your tapestry of violence.  There is a plethora of options when it comes to Muay Thai training gloves, but these Boon training gloves I tested are exactly what I need when it comes to quality made, dependable training gear.  MMA Industries gets all of the best Muay Thai gear straight from Thailand, so make sure you check out MMA Industries for your Boon Sport needs!

  • Finding The Right Muay Thai Gloves

    Every sport has its basic equipment. No one would take to the football field without a helmet or a hockey rink without skates, and no one should practice Muay Thai without a set of Muay Thai gloves. These gloves will give your hands the basic protection that they need to get you through a fight, and they will help you to comply with any rules that your local group might have about protective wear. While Muay Thai may be a form that is best known for its kicks, that is no reason for you to ignore your hands.

    muay thai glovesFinding the Gloves

    Any MMA fighter knows how important gear can be. While anyone can strap on some tape and call themselves a fighter, a real pro knows when to buy the gear that he or she needs. If you want to practice Muay Thai, you need to invest in the right pair of Muay Thai gloves. That not only means finding something that will allow you to compete, but finding something that will allow you to do so safely. Finding the right gloves means finding the gloves that will fit you without throwing you off your game, and finding a way to incorporate the weight and fit of the gloves into your style.

    High Quality

    If you are practicing Muay Thai or you are involved in any kind of mixed martial arts fighting, you need to remember to buy the highest quality gear available. When you are fighting, you are not just dealing with an exercise - you are working with your health. The last thing you want is to break your hand or wrist simply because you did not want to buy the best gloves available. While Muay Thai may not be as well known for its punches as its kicks, it is still important to remember to protect your hands as well as you can.

    If you want to compete, you have to have the right gear. We can provide you with the Muay Thai gloves that you need to stay on top of your game. You may not become the best fighter in the world simply from wearing the right gloves, but you will never progress if you do not use the right gear. Gloves might just be a place to start for most, but they are still one of the most important elements of a good fighting kit.

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