Fairtex shorts

  • Fairtex Shorts: Top MMA Gear Review

    Fairtex ShortsWhether your passion is for MMA, kickboxing or other athletics involving kicks, jumps and a lot of movement, a good pair of Fairtex shorts are essential to your success. You will need several pairs for practicing, training and competing. There are several key elements to these shorts that make them unique, desirable and effective in keeping your comfortable and mobile while you perfect your martial arts. Make sure you invest wisely in the best made shorts that you can find in the industry.

    The best Fairtex items are handmade in Thailand. As you are shopping for these shorts, be sure to check labels and descriptions for something that indicates that they are handmade, and that they come from Thailand. There might be a lot of lower budget brands that are trying to resemble the Fairtex brand, but if they are not handmade in Thailand, you will not get the same level of quality and craftsmanship. It will be important to make this distinction as you shop and stock up on shorts for your practices and competitions.

    Legroom is also very important. Whether you are shopping for men's shorts or women's shorts, you want to make sure there is plenty of freedom to move around and kick. Each leg should be a little bit wider than ordinary shorts so that you have the extra room. Your MMA practice and competitions will include a lot of kicking and movement with your legs, feet and knees. The additional legroom built into the Fairtex shorts will give you greater ease and a lot more efficiency when you need to move quickly.

    A wide and flexible waistband is another thing to look for in a proper pair of shorts. An elastic waistband that includes extra support and a drawstring will ensure that the shorts fit well and stay in place on your hips while you are engaged in MMA. All of your kicks, jumps and other movements can be completed confidently because you know your shorts will not be going anywhere. The band will not roll down, ride up or cause any irritation to your skin, even if you are sweating.

    Remember that a good pair of Fairtex shorts will be handmade in Thailand, extra wide in the legs and supportive in the waistband. Make sure the material is satin, because that will provide comfort and breathability while you practice and compete. Experienced MMA fighters are highly selective when it comes to their gear and what they will wear on their bodies when they are training or getting ready for a match. Make sure you are on level with what you are wearing so that the wrong shorts do not drag you down in a fight.

  • Huge Selection of Fairtex shorts

    Fairtex shorts

    Fairtex Shorts

    MMA Industries supplies both professional and beginner Mixed Martial Arts athletes with high quality gear from name brand distributors known world wide. Customers will be pleased to find only the best gear available and priced competitively.

    MMA Industries carries Fairtex shorts along with several other products from Hayabusa, Sprawl, Tokyo Five, UFC, Combat Sports International, Vulkan, Keiko Raca, Boon, Windy, Twins Special, Cleto Reyes, and more.

    Athletes looking for Fairtex shorts for both practice and competition will find a variety of options available through our website.

    The Fairtex Boardshorts are made of light, fast drying and comfortable microfiber fabric. They also have a hook and loop waistband for ease of use and a hidden drawstring for secure fit. Another feature of these shorts is the flexible spandex Lycra panels located on the inner thigh which provides ease of movement and extra comfort. These are available in several color choices.

    We also carry Fairtex satin Muay Thai Shorts. This product features extra-wide leg room for greater ease of movement during kicks and is made of high quality satin for durability and extra comfort. These Fairtex shorts are great for training and competition and specifically engineered to help you perform at your best.

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    We pride ourselves on carrying the most advanced and innovative gear available. Having the proper gear provides the protection necessary to ensure an athlete’s safety. Customers can feel confident that the gear they purchase from us will last through the rigors of training and competition. Inferior products wont make the cut on our site.

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